Bob Hope Makes A Political Observation As Appropriate Today As It Was Then

bob hope


Hollywood in Bob Hope’s day was obviously much different from the sewer of liberalism and communist sympathizing that it is today, either that or he just had enough star power that he didn’t have to concern himself with such things.

Then again, the nature of the two parties has changed considerably in the years since Bob Hope was the king of comedy. Today’s Democrats were correctly identified as communists back then and efforts were made to eradicate them. Unfortunately they failed and Joe McCarthy was forever vilified as an extremist when he was actually only attempting to save his country, having correctly identified the nature of the insidious threat, one that proved to be too powerful for him to take down. He came out on the losing end of the battle and so did America.

That was also a time before The Walking Dead or The Cranberries, so again, perceptions and familiarity with the zombie subject matter was less than it is in today’s America. It was also a time before the Department of Education engaged in zombie creation through the deliberate dumbing down of America.

Learning was still the priority for schools and colleges, social justice had not yet been invented and social justice warriors were simply referred to as lazy, malcontents, or freeloading, self-absorbed parasites. Entitlement hadn’t been introduced as basis for a lifestyle choice and Americans were still expected to support themselves, to work for the American dream at one of the good jobs created by our industry. It was a time before we were indoctrinated to accept the belief that anyone in any other country, as long as they weren’t a “lazy American,” could produce a better product than Americans and do so at a cheaper price.

Back in those days “Made in America” was the worldwide standard of quality and our manufacturing was still ours. Bob Hope would have no idea how accurate his joking prediction had turned out to have been and how the situation had critically impacted our Constitution and our national survival. The levers of power were already removed from our hands before the transformation was completed.


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