Sen Blumenthal Jumps On Backs Of Mandalay Victims To Join Clinton Grabbing Guns

richard blumenthal gun grab

First Hillary Clinton made her inane comments about “silencers” and the Las Vegas shooting, premature and insensitive as they were, in the interest of the “greater Democrat good” of getting the propaganda ball rolling.

CFR propagandist and fake news pioneer Brian Williams provides the leading, scripted questions, asking “What is the problem, what was it about [looking to his coach of camera] first graders losing their lives that wasn’t sad enough to result in ‘changes.’ [implication being that change is always better]

The Connecticut side show attraction and Senator, Richard “Stolen Valor” Blumenthal, replies as per their rehearsal, “The grip, in fact stranglehold, of the NRA and other special interests on the congressional process, has undermined our efforts, in fact blocked them.”

So are we correct to assume that all of the three hundred bills the House has sent over to die in the Senate are opposed by the NRA? Kate’s Law isn’t opposed by the NRA, why haven’t you Constitution-hating legislative goons in the Senate passed it? Your only efforts are at deception and holding on to your phony baloney jobs.”

As Blumenthal nudges Hillary Clinton a little to the side to make room for himself next to her on the backs of those killed in the Mandalay Bay shooting, he strings together some favorite clichés. He says, “I really believe that we can honor these victims, and we can arrive at a tipping point where we change America and America will feel the same fury that I felt, watching these images.”

We’re feeling some fury watching your ghastly mug talking about how you’re going to exploit their murder, as usual, attempting to disarm the American public as you import your terrorist army. We feel enraged not only by what you enemies of this nation are doing to us, but that you think we’re so stupid as to not know what’s going on, to not see past your cheap, “B” movie quality theatrics.

Williams promotes the position that Hillary Clinton led the day with, that “Silencers” [suppressors] would have made the massacre worse. Blumenthal repeats her idiocy, obviously never having fired a weapon so equipped despite his military service handing out toys for tots at Christmas time.

Everything is a travesty with this guy, not only the suppressor legislation but the concealed carry proposal. He says “We ought to have an agenda,” as clearly they already do and have a unified effort in carrying it out. He continues on with the typical demands against “assault weapons” and high capacity magazines.

Blumenidiot wants background checks for everyone who buys a gun – the ones that are currently in place nationwide must be a secret that Democrats aren’t told about. Williams asks the globalist Democrat question intended to tee up the next attack on the Constitution, “When do you believe the American people will have had enough, enough to push back against the edges of the 2nd Amendment argument, enough to say we can live under the 2nd Amendment but there should be limits?”

Limiting our constitutionally protected rights is not the Senator’s right, CFR you  toady. The dishonest Blumenthal claims to be a law enforcement expert and then claims we don’t have background checks.

Has this dishonest freak of nature ever tried to buy a gun? Maybe he should stop by a gun store and get educated or ask his armed guards that protect him, the kind regular Americans can’t afford, what the process involves before spouting off ignorantly. Emulating the dishonesty, ignorance and naked political opportunism of Hillary Clinton is never a good thing.

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12 Comments on Sen Blumenthal Jumps On Backs Of Mandalay Victims To Join Clinton Grabbing Guns

  1. A friend put the following on FB for me to watch. I will tell you it is from InfoWars with Alex Jones who can drive me crazy because he never shuts up when someone with a brain is trying to talk to him. But there is a lot of info coming out from a guest, Laura Loomer. I suggest you watch this one.


  3. Hadenoughalready // October 4, 2017 at 11:16 am // Reply

    …and patience.
    I’m about all out of that, too. “Give-a-shits” , give-a-damns, and “rat’s asses” ran out months ago.

    Every time I turn the TV on (no cable, just internet news, i.e., YT, FNC, etc.) I lose hair. And many times I have to spend hours scouring the ceiling, wiping off the blood spatter, and washing clothes, from blowing a gasket.

    It’s become so bad that, in 2009, I had to seek out a therapist for my poor little dog, as well. He’s been on Paxil and Xanax since o’shitbag took office but, since Trump’s election, his therapist has had to place him on Clonazepam. And if that’s not bad enough, I’ve been finding his bottle stashes, left and right. AA is next.

  4. Makes you wonder what idiots voted for these morons. After all, look at who they elected for 8 years and wanted to elect in 2016, a lying, murdering, thief. It seems the Dems are lazy, do nothing, jerks, except for when they want to mess up the President’s agenda. I don’t know why the President puts up with their BS. They all need to be investigated and thrown in Gitmo, including Soros, Obama, Sanders, Mueller, Rosenstein, McCain, Schumer, Pelosi, Podesta, Clinton, Comey and Lynch. I might have left a few out. It has come out that McCain was meeting with Russians during his campaign. Why isn’t he being investigated. Some “hero”. Ryan and McCain are both back stabbers that should be Democrats, and probably getting paid to upset the cart, by good old Soros and Obama.

    • Great question, Josephine… Why isn’t McCain being investigated?

      Answer: Political maggots never eat their own. It’s one big club… them against us.

  5. While there is no shortage of problems from the globalist cabal, I would think that this domestic terror, take over, in a quest to destroy our society is one that Trump should be concentrating on.

    Foreign issues, IMO, are far less dangerous than the war within. There should be a task force, like the “untouchables”, to root out and remove the domestic threat, starting with Soros and down to the last thug in Baltimore.

    • Ben: a Task Force to root out the domestic threat? Not likely. Trump can’t even count on his so-called Vice President to lead an investigative effort to uncover voter fraud across the country. And, that’s an easy one to do. How is he gonna get a “Task Force” to go after Soros and thugs?
      Trump is fading quickly.

  6. Hadenoughalready // October 3, 2017 at 2:46 pm // Reply

    These morons remind me of the incessantly barking dog one hears off in the distance. Just barking to hear itself bark. No reason. No thought behind it. Just rhetorical barking.
    Always the guns. Nothing to do with the asshole pulling the trigger; it’s the evil gun that’s usurped the mind of the moron holding it. Evil gun!
    And laws. Must have more laws. Laws will stop this. The more laws, the more illegal crime will be. Ya, right!
    Shall we look at Chicago? Baltimore? Paris? Texas? Florida? Yes! More laws! That’ll stop the insanity.
    I need a friggin’ drink!

    • Have one for me, bud

      • Hadenoughalready // October 3, 2017 at 5:11 pm // Reply

        Perhaps a few, Rick. This insanity is making me look twice at whether I’m the one going nuts or whether they’ve finally crossed the line into absurdity…laughability… I’m rapidly running out of adjectives – again.
        And to think these are our “leadership”????????

        • “running out of adjectives”. That’s exactly what’s happening to most of us, Had. You’ve expressed it perfectly.

          Compounding the problem is the fact that we’re running out of trust of those we’ve elected to represent us. We’re beginning to feel cornered… not good.

  7. Democrats are incredibly dumb when common sense is required. Pathetic.

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