Blumenthal Already Gun Grabbing, Paints NYC Attacker As “Homegrown” American

Blumenthal (D-CT) was already standing on the bodies of the NYC terrorism victims as a gun-grabbing opportunity and labeling the foreign terrorist as “homegrown” when…

richard blumenthal

Connecticut Democrat Senator and DC Swamp Rat Richard “Stolen Valor” Blumenthal is his usual sanctimonious, hypocritical self as he tries to make political points off of the deaths of at least eight innocent people and injuries to others in the New York City terrorist attack. 

He can’t stay for long as he’s got to run back to the Senate and vote against America and its citizens on something, but he does want to make the most to capitalize on this attack, get a shot of propaganda in before he goes.

Blumenthal says, “You know, what doesn’t quite square with all of this is the paintball gun and pellet gun and perhaps there was a fortunate aspect of this, that he wasn’t, didn’t have an assault weapon or something that would have literally killed tens or hundreds of people at that point.” The song is always the same, if he’d had an “assault weapon” it would have been worse. If he’d had a silencer on it or a bump stock, blah, blah, blah.

The foreign terrorist that the Democrats imported into our streets could have chosen any number of means, including the vehicle he rented, to carry out his depravity on the American infidels, that’s true. He could have opened a gas line in an apartment with a candle or other open flame burning, run into gas pumps and then lit a match, filled the truck up with fertilzer, all legal and necessary to modern life. The only true protection Americans had was tossed out like common garbage in 2010 when he was allowed to enter this country by Blumenthal and the globalist Democrats.

His use of a paintball gun demonstrates the fact that this government lets the dimmest wits and least qualified candidates Uzbekistan and other third world nations produce immigrate into our country.  Possession of a passport and a pulse was all it took to be given a visa under Obama and Jihadi Jeh Johnson, when this killer came to town. Mental health exams, paid for by the potential immigrant, were way out of the question.

Blumberg blathers on, “But the use of the trucks certainly is the M.O. that’s been used more and more by both “homegrown” and foreign terrorists. That’s a bit of linguistic trickery on the part of the terrorism supporting Democrat in attempting to label 29-year-old Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov as a “homegrown terrorist.”

He came to the United States under the Obama regime’s open border caliphate creation policies in 2010. That was approximately seven years ago, which would make him 22-years-of-age when he was foolishly and recklessly allowed into the US. He was at that time a fully grown adult male, foreign grown, not homegrown.

Blumenthal is clearly attempting to mitigate any damage to the Democrats’ invasion and conquest plans by erroneously describing him as one of us. Every word that comes out of that putrid hole on his ghastly mug must be scrutinized. Usually there’s an agenda-driven falsehood involved, often several of them.

The corrupt Connecticut Senator might feel as if there’s a fortunate aspect to the attack because nobody that he knows was killed or maimed by the foreign trash they allowed into our country. From his elite perspective that’s all that matters. Dead American infidels is the price we must pay to enjoy “diversity” and communist equality as global citizens in the new, fundamentally transformed, American Caliphate.


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