Blumenthal – Dems Want NUMBER OF ILLEGALS In US KEPT SECRET, Out of Census

Sen “Stolen Valor” Blumenthal speaks for all Dems who want to hide the number of illegals they’ve allowed to infiltrate our country, claiming it unconstitutional to count illegals in…

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Globalist Sen Richard “Stolen Valor” Blumenthal (D-CT), demonstrates why the anti-America Democrats seldom stray from their talking points. If they get engaged in a real conversation, the truth might slip out and expose their anti-America agenda. At best they look like lying idiots.

Gargoyle Blumenthal fell victim to all of those self-laid traps when he appeared opposite an unusually unbiased Alisyn Camerota for an interview about plans for the 2020 census to include a question of whether or not a person is an American citizen.   [[WATCH VIDEO BELOW]]

Democrats consider anyone with a pulse, regardless of nationality or legal status to be a US citizen by virtue of their location. They’re opposed to any real information being collected that might be used to counter their understated claims of 11 million illegals in America or bolster the recognition of the need to fix the problem.

There’s also that little problem in many of their districts that an accurate count of illegals could reflect more votes than citizens which would completely dispel their claims that illegal immigration has no impact on elections or their electability.

Camerota reads the proposed census question which asks, “Is this person a citizen of the United States?” She asks Stolen Valor, “What’s wrong with that question?” He immediately goes into his talking points, the first of which is a blatant lie, responding, “First it violates the Constitution,” which requires Census tabulation to be done on every person, everyone who lives in the United States, not necessarily just on citizens.”

He’s being deliberately deceptive. Everyone will still be counted, it’s just another question that everyone will answer, either with a yes or a no. His claim is self-invalidating, as if there were no census submissions for non-citizens. If that were the case it would negate the need for the question as only citizens would be included in the submissions. 

He then says, “As a practical matter, it under-counts people [if illegals choose not to partake in the census] who live in states or in areas that may need federal funding.” So not enough of the citizens’ tax dollars will be redistributed from federal coffers to local open border Democrats. Displaying his Democrat perversion, Blumenthal calls that “short-changing” the illegals who shouldn’t be here to begin with, and their crooked parasitic governments, as if they’re entitled to our money.

Camerota says it looks to her like this would give an accurate count and transparency, which Blumenthal discounts as White House spin. He says there’s a reason that that question hasn’t been used since 1960 in the Census but never states what it is. Perhaps he realized he was setting himself up for a question as to whether the Census question was constitutional before 1960, and if there was a constitutional challenge that led to it being removed. There was not, so it was constitutional prior to 1960 and it still is today.

Blumenthal dismisses a statement by Marco Rubio that we have a right to know who is within our borders with a repetition of his misleading, dishonest claim that because we ask the question only citizens will be counted. The opposite is true. Americans want to know, probably much more than the number of citizens, the count of illegals squatting on our soil.

He then goes off script and completely steps on his own argument, saying, “Remember, it’s required constitutionally that it count every person, everyone who lives here, not only citizens. That’s the law and there’s a reason for the law which is we want to know what the characteristics are of our total population, not just the citizens.”

Would being a foreign squatter count as a characteristic we need to know about, you lying piece of anti-American globalist trash?

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