Blumenthal Beating Constitutional Crisis Drum As Means To Create One For His Masters

richard blumenthal


Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), the collection of reptilian parts thrown together into the form of a valor-stealing, Deliverance reminiscent Democrat anti-American operative, has been beating the constitutional crisis drum almost as long as his counterpart Rep Maxine Waters (D-CA) has been doing her part on the impeachment front. Both are globalist tools attacking President Trump because he’s a threat to their puppeteers.

Blumenthal has been publicly making the claims since early February when President Trump jumped on him for publicly stating the contents of private conversations between Blumenthal and Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. The comments were related to President Trump taking issue with the unconstitutional power grabs exercised by the activist judiciary, and they were entirely justified. The criminals on the left may not like being exposed, but it would be the failure to call them out that would add to the constitutional crisis the Democrats themselves are creating.

They are using Congress to attack the President on the basis of completely fabricated allegations of collusions with Russia, the subject of five separate investigations since July of last year with zero evidence produced. Now Blumenthal is tailoring his accusations to fit the firing of James Comey, who he contends should have remained in his position, regardless of how compromised he was, until the Democrat circus is completed, effectively, until Trump is out of office and Hillary Clinton, Hussein Obama, John Kerry and the rest of the crooks are out of danger.

Every interview, and there were many of them, as well as hearings and other times when this freak show scared little kids and ruined appetites across America by getting in front of a camera, involved the claim by Blumenthal that America is, for ever-evolving reasons, facing a constitutional crisis. One of the latest instances occurred on Wednesday in an interview with Anderson Cooper.

This time Blumenthal reasoned we’re facing, “A looming constitutional crisis because it involves a potential confrontation,” inserting the magical words, “as did Watergate” for maximum effect, “between the President and other branches of government.” That’s precisely the situation the establishment that Blumenthal works for has been seeking since November 9th.

He continued, saying, “And it may well produce another United States versus Nixon on a subpoena that went to the United States Supreme Court, it may well produce impeachment proceedings, although we’re very far from that possibility and right now the President has not been charged.”

So why don’t you shut your hideous lying trap then, Richie? You’re throwing a lot against the wall creating an environment for the future, just as your sister Maxine is doing, but your allegations and insinuations are completely lacking in any substance to support them. You’re a fraud and a political hack, serving your shadow government, deep state masters in an effort to orchestrate the very constitutional crisis you claim to be warning against.

This fraud, who claimed to have served in Vietnam when he didn’t and later admitted his lie, has the nerve to proclaim a need for integrity? He says, “There is a [sic] investigation underway which should be given the kind of integrity and independence that it deserves.”

Partisan witch hunts are not exercises in integrity though it’s understandable that it’s a concept the Connecticut hack is completely unfamiliar with. The independence he professes to seek is code word for Democrat control of that with hunt. Nice try Blumenthal – Is that banjo music?

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