BLM Thugette Wants To Kill White People, Threatens White House

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If you’ve got a low tolerance for stupidity, the “F” word, racism, greed or lazy entitlement, be forewarned, the video by a Black Lives Matter skank might make you uncomfortable, it will likely make you more than a little angry to boot.

The black racists in BLM, the NAACP and the Congressional Black Caucus might deny this is really how BLM operates. What’s more likely is this is exactly how they operate and exactly their feelings. They don’t know what possessed this Democrat to actually tell the truth. but surely they’ll get to the bottom of it. Unfortunately the video doesn’t divulge the location or identity associated with the extra-large, foul mouth behind the bullhorn.

Her first premise might need some qualification as do many other things this supposed school teacher says. She asks, “You know what America thrives off of?” Certainly she’s proof it’s not quality education, but she leaves the impression that we’re thriving or that any of those in the audience have ever seen America thriving. I’m 61 years old and it’s been stagnant for all but about ten years that I recall, during the eighties, early nineties.

She says “capitalism” like it’s a dirty word, when it’s probably the only word that doesn’t start with an “f” to come out of her mouth. The “F” and “MF” words have been eliminated from the narrative, she’s used them enough for all of us. She says she and those she identifies with have used their bodies for something. Looks like hers has been used as a bulk food depository or a lumpy mattress.

She’s talking the Marxist, “private property ownership is evil” mantra with a twist to make it sound more acceptable to the well-pigmented listeners. Just don’t get too attached to it, parasites, the commies that take it from the white devils will come to them just as fast.

She says black and brown people are infected by all of this sh*t around them, in her case it is clearly a brain infection, likely that flesh eating bacteria that’s been going around. She says the solution to the non-problem of capitalism is “we need to start giving money.” Her idea of giving sounds exactly like receiving, but that because this racist hag isn’t white. White folks, the evil exploiters of all things of color, are the only ones supposed to do the giving; for now.

In the Marxist “spirit” she demands the surrender of people’s houses, money and property, saying, “We need to reparate black and indigenous people.” Just because she asked, white people are supposed to line up and empty their pockets and portfolios?

All the slave-owners are dead. Find their estates, you evil black commie witch, if you’re capable of spelling close enough to the correct way to actually be able to use a search engine. When you find a slave owner’s descendent, make your pitch (threat) to them, and get ready to be laughed at.

The BLM entitled parasite stops to take a breath and for her victims to absorb what she’s been saying. Some of the less stable ones actually agree with her and cheer. They deserve their fate. She then declares, “We’re all operating under white supremacy, just so you know.” That would be interesting news to white men who have had to compete all of their lives with the government sponsored and taxpayer funded Affirmative Action coming between them and the job they should have gotten.

This BLM member says they need to start killing people, that they need to kill the White House, “The White House must die,” she says, stupidly. Since houses are not living things she must be talking about something at the White House. Either it’s the flowers in the Rose Garden or she’s threatening the President. The Secret Service may want to make an example of her, let her revel in the attention she so badly desires that they can provide to her.

Those groups that she said “led the way” haven’t, some of them didn’t even exist and others kept hidden until Obama made it “cool” to be a homo. White, straight males have led the way in America. As for kissing the mouthy toad’s feet, the bidding starts at $5 billion. That’s the only kind of reparation that makes sense.


Warning, She’s got quite the foul, inner-city mouth on her.

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