BLM Mobster “Shakedown” Sharpton Tells AG Sessions How Things Are Gonna Be

sharpton sessions


Big-mouthed swamp inhabitant “Slimy” Al Sharpton met with Attorney General Sessions and spoke to the microphone holders and propagandists afterwards. What choice did Sessions have? He either meets with the entitled and demanding parasites and extortionists or they rant and rave that he’s a racist, the seed they’ve planted since his name was first mentioned for AG. He can always grab an extra can of air freshener on the way back from lunch.

Sharpton often uses the insulation of context, usually as a false claim that insulates him from something he’s said, but in this instance it’s a preferred tool of self-aggrandizement. His meeting with the Attorney General makes him “more importanter” [sic] than Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan or Don Lemon. As he says, “Talking about these issues has to be seen in the historic context that brings about the necessity to continue to fight no matter who or what party is in office.”

That’s an idiotic, borderline nonsensical statement consistent with the rest of what falls out of his foul hole. How is demanding special privileges today related to successfully demanding them for the last sixty years aside from having proven that you can make the crackers knuckle under if you scream loudly and for long enough? As for the party in office not making a difference, we remember the last eight years, Lyin’ Al. You were in bed with Obama, agitating all over the map.

Despite his false harangue, it is white people who are and have been “legally” discriminated against under “affirmative action,” giving special preferences to blacks based upon their skin color, denying us a fair and equal shot at the pie. Sharpton isn’t arguing for equal treatment, he’s demanding recognition of his racist ideology of black supremacy. The fact that this flim flam artist was allowed in the Attorney General’s office is repugnant.

He says he and Sessions “spent a large part of the meeting talking about the need to uphold the voting rights act,” which, translated into what is a foreign language to Sharpton, proper English, means the ability to vote multiple times free of identification requirements and for illegal aliens to be able to vote as often as they choose, in support of Democrats.

Sharpton’s also working the AG for continuing the consent decrees that Holder and Lynch were using to federalize local law enforcement into local “law buddies” or the “law scouts” so black criminals aren’t unfairly targeted for their crimes. The officers can then be freed up for their more important function, that of “cracker control.”

He said he axed the Attorney General directly about the Eric Garner case. Hopefully the AG was able to defend himself and the hatchet taken away from the aggressive agitator.

Subversive Sharpton says, “We made it very clear to him, many of us opposed him, many of us still do. But he has to live up to the office of the law. [?] Winning an election and winning a party [?] does not give you the right to change from your duties as protecting these citizens of the United States and that’s what we wanted to make emphatically clear.” Despite the nodding heads, Sharpton, you still haven’t made anything clear. None of that made any sense. Clearly your mouth was running without your junior-sized brain being engaged again.

By the way, fix your collar. And you’d better pick up a bottle of Lysol while you’re grabbing that air freshener, Mr. Attorney General. A gallon jug might be best.

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