BLM Founder – White Speech Is Hate Speech, No First Amendment Rights

blm founder speech

The agitator for criminal rights obsessed with racism who started the Black Lives Matter hate group was kicked out of her home when she was 16 by her parents. Her Wikipedia page says it was because she’s a lesbian, something her parents objected to, but it likely had more to do with the huge chip on her shoulder and the matching mouth.

The name of this skin color obsessed individual is, as unbelievable or fitting as it might be, Patrisse Cullors. She’s a fulltime agitator so she’s right at home on CNN complaining about people who produce, work for a living and don’t believe in communism as an acceptable alternative to the Constitution and individual liberty.

 On the subject of the Constitution, this liberal pontification expert who knows better than the rest of us how we should be living our own lives, has a different translation than the one the rest of us use. It’s something along the lines of “The Racist’s Constitution – Butt-Hurt Hoodrat Version. In her special edition of the Constitution, the First Amendment text is a little longer. It contains an exclusion for hate speech.

In her Hoodrat  Translation it reads, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof – unless it’s whitey hate speech.” Whitey hate speech is a concept that wasn’t defined by or likely even known to the founding fathers at the time the Constitution was written, another testament to their genius and ability to anticipate future situations.

CNN Fake News propagandist Katie Tur* asks Cullors about President Trump’s comments in response to the incident in Charlottesville and his apparent grouping of the white rights group who had a permit for their protest in with the violent thugs, which included her organization, who showed up to put a stop to them exercising their right to free speech.

The propagandist is asked to make a distinction between her hate group and the “white nationalists,” those who oppose global communism and the replacement of America’s white population with third world imports. Cullors describes white Americans as fighting to take away people’s rights, an untrue and idiotic statement. They’re just tired of having their rights trampled upon and speaking out against it. It’s the BLM agitators like Cullors who are aggressively trampling upon the Constitution, what she labels as “fighting for equality,” better known as global communism.

She makes her opposition’s case in the next sentence when she draws from that “Racists Constitution” of hers and states, “Hate speech, which is what we’re seeing coming out of white nationalists groups, is not protected under the First Amendment rights.” She adds, “And so I think that’s important that we really delineate what’s happening right now and what’s happening across the country.”

Delineate is racist mumbo-jumbo for change the rules to fit our needs, redefine what we’re doing in a less obvious and inflammatory way, and gradually take over. They’ll even lie and change the Constitution if necessary, to advance their predatory agenda.


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