Globalist propagandist Wolf Blitzer invited NWO operative Leon Panetta to help attack Louie Gohmert for revealing the truth about radical Islamist enabler Mueller…

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One of the most blatantly dishonest propagandists for the anti-America left is CNN’s mongrel, Wolf Blitzer. Rather than actually taking the time to watch, research and then report accurately on a Judicial Watch interview with Congressman Louie Gohmert, in which he raises some but far from all of the integrity issues of Robert Mueller, Blitzer does as he always does and ignores the truth.

His mission is to provide the setting for CNN’s political opposition, the conservative Republican, to be discredited and ridiculed for telling the truth about Obama henchman Robert Mueller. Blitzer  wrings his hands and cries over the outrage that Gohmert would dare to have anything other than praise for the COUP point man and that he should be punished by Congress for not being on his knees worshiping him.   [[WATCH VIDEOS BELOW]]

In the typical partisan cheerleading and distortion that passes for news at CNN, Blitzer said to his guest and fellow political hack, Leon Panetta, “The President’s allies, clearly they’re ramping up their attacks on Robert Mueller,” as he plays a clip from the twenty minute interview.

Gohmert says, “This is consistent with Mueller. He has protected radical Islamists for his whole career, with the FBI and even as special counsel, but 9/11, we found out who the perpetrators were, there were no question that was radical Islam.  And immediately after that the anthrax scare occurred and he was looking for something to take the attention away from the concern about radical Islam.”

As the condescending globalist clown Panetta chuckles for dismissive effect,  Blitzer asks, “Can you believe that?” He notes that “this is a United States Congressman,” as if the comments were beneath the dignity of the office. Gohmert actually has experience with Mueller, which included questioning him in Congressional testimony regarding his program to remove all instances of radical Islam being included in FBI training manuals and other offenses by Mueller.

Gohmert is expressing real, fully substantiated concerns which Panetta, as former CIA Director, is pretending not to know about in order to protect his fellow anti-American, Mueller, and demean the messenger that is revealing who and what he is.

As Panetta begins his remarks he illustrates his duplicitous nature, saying that he makes them “with great respect” to Congressman Gohmert. He is, of course, being very disrespectful to the point of not even addressing him by name, saying “He has no idea what the Hell he’s talking about.” Panetta then goes into the customary canonization of their demonic tool of destruction, Mueller, through accolades that are all hyperbole and ungrounded in reality.

Wolf immediately licks Panetta’s ankles as he completes his dismissive attack on Gohmert, saying, “Yeah, I mean it is pretty shocking. Anybody who knows Bob Mueller, this accusation that he has protected radical Islamists his whole career with the FBI, I mean it’s so outrageous it’s hard to believe that a sitting member of the House of Representatives would say that.” It’s hard to believe because it took courage, a commodity that is rare in Congress, but not because of the content.

Blitzer is not being honest. Anyone who knows Mueller knows that what Gohmert is saying is true and that there is much more than what he had time to elaborate on. Blitzer, if he read Gohmert’s 48 page op-ed on Mueller, as the responsible news man that he pretends to be would have required of him, knows he doesn’t want the truth to get out and that is the reason for his having Panetta on to smear the Congressman.

He exposes the purpose of the interview even more, inviting Panetta to ask for others in Congress to take action against Gohmert.  Did he strike a nerve, boys? Bring it on. Surely this is a fight, and publicity, that Gohmert and other members of the Freedom Caucus are willing and anxious to have.

The full video that Blitzer and Panetta distorted and in which they ignored the damning evidence against Mueller is below:

Two videos of Mueller being question in Congressional hearings by Gohmert about his Islamic appeasement can be viewed here and here.

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