Black Supremacist Libs Host Workshop Teaching Kids To Hate Their Whiteness

A racist college workshop indoctrinates gullible white students, surely the offspring of libtards, into hating themselves for being white, instructing them to loathe and deny their

whiteness privilege discomfort watt

Black people need to get over their inherent racism and disavow the privilege they receive in the form of affirmative action and other legislative preferences they’re given in today’s society.

It’s not that all black people are necessarily evil, though some are. Many are just victims of the color of their skin and their natural response to capitalize on it and the cowardliness of enabling politicians. Any good, moral, black person should seek to deny who they are and adapt their behavior, to become more white, less black, and to blend into a white society. They should denounce blackness and agitate for special benefits for white folks.

That premise, which is for illustration purposes only, would draw outrage from the black supremacist, globalist chaos fomenters who have infected this nation, the despised parasites commonly referred to as “social justice warriors,” as they prefer to describe themselves.

But their own very real attacks on white people, citing the very same accusations as are presented in the fictitious opening, are perfectly acceptable when directed against the politically unpopular skin tone. Everybody knows all whites are racists and nobody of any other race is, so it’s socially acceptable to target them. It’s kind of like the early stages of Nazi Germany.

The University of Michigan recently presented what they described as a two-day professional development conference which included a training session focused on helping the floundering white snowflakes who were ashamed of who they are cope with their failure to be born with more pigment.

The supposed goal was to make them better able to fight for racial preference for blacks and other non-whites. They wrapped it in the benign language of “social justice causes.” On December 5th the University held a session called “Conversations on Whiteness,” during the university’s Student Life Professional Development Conference.

It’s unlikely, beyond the reflection in the mirror, that any of the snowflakes were legitimate representations of a white person. They were most certainly libtard apologists who hate themselves for what they are almost as much as the racists of color they are enabling.

The self-loathing white deniers were taught to “recognize the difficulties they face when talking about social justice issues related to their white identity, explore this discomfort, and devise ways to work through it.” A self-inflicted .45 caliber gunshot wound to the temple, probably the most beneficial resolution they could choose for society as a whole, was not part of the discussion.

According to the University website, the goal was to help the snowflakes in “unpacking whiteness,” to support students and staff with issues and efforts “related to identity and social justice.” Just how having participants deny who they are helps with their identity was not revealed, probably because it’s total BS.

Among the implements of destruction utilized in the “Conversations on Whiteness” session was the “Privileged Identity Exploration Model” which is promoted as helping participants explore the “discomfort” of their “white identity.”

If they’re not comfortable being white then perhaps they’re not really white folks to begin with. Most whites certainly wouldn’t want to claim them. In this age of self-identification, why not just declare themselves to be black, as those humans who aren’t really men are now able to do with their gender.

The anti-white racist who came up with this libtard hate-filled nonsense, University of Iowa professor Sherry Watt, depicts the model as being a means by which to understand “how people react to stimuli that alert them to the privilege they hold.” There’s no consideration of the possibility that they don’t hold any privilege, that forty years of affirmative action has put them at the end of the line and the bottom of the food chain all of their lives.

The racists will never be satisfied until the crackers are their slaves, and then they won’t be accepting of the amount of work they produce. Their goal is a return to the days of “Somebody get me my whip. I need to teach this cracker some work ethics and some manners.” We owe our complete submission to them as repayment for our non-existent privilege, a “debt” they will never accept as being paid.

It’s a great argument against a white person setting foot on that racist campus, or any other campus with a similar anti-white prejudice. We’ve had enough of the naked racism of “social justice” attacks from a bunch of bigots, many of whom can’t conjugate verbs and don’t have the decency to wear their pants so their underwear isn’t sticking in the faces of little kids and women.

Thugs is too good of a word for the blacks and the whites involved in this garbage. The more accurate words get you banned from social media.


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