Bizarre Twist In Murder Of North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un’s Half-Brother

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We’ve all heard the warnings on the overhead public address system in airports about not carrying a bag for someone else, a safeguard against being an unwitting mule for drug smugglers or terrorists. There’s another warning for airports that some people evidently lack the common sense to arrive at on their own. It’s a caution not to throw liquids into the faces of unknown persons just because someone hands it to you and tells you it’s a practical joke.

It could be a lethal poison, you could be killing someone, and it could be the older half-brother of a communist dictator. That’s the story the assailants of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un’s brother are telling. And there are indications that they may be telling the truth.

Kim Jong-nam, the older half-brother of Kim Jong-un, was murdered Monday at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia. Two women, one of which was wearing the now infamous “LOL” shirt, were seen in surveillance videos, with their photographs then distributed around the globe the day following the attack. Two women splashed what is being described as a toxic substance “more potent than cyanide” in Kim’s face. He died shortly afterwards, while en route to the hospital.

The women involved in the attack are presently being detained. One of them holds a Vietnamese passport identifying her as Doan Thi Huong, 28-years-of-age and a native of Nam Dinh. The other woman involved in the strange incident is 25-year-old Siti Aisyah. According to investigators, both women say they were led to believe that they were involved in a practical joke. If what they say is true, they are merely mules of sorts, unwitting participants in a murder that many believe was orchestrated by Kim Jong-un.

Reports were originally circulated that the poison was administered through some type of “poison pen” device administered by two female spies who fled the scene. It now appears, if this latest, almost unbelievable twist holds up, to have been one of the most bizarre murders, particularly of a political figure, of all time. The original theory poison pen theory is much more believable, but this is the story they’re putting out there now.




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  1. Dr. Deplorable // February 20, 2017 at 9:13 pm // Reply

    Murder is Murder and North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un ordered it!

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