It’s Bill’s Birthday – Hillary Clinton Want’s You To Revive Their Slush Fund

bill and hillary birthday clinton

Bill Clinton has a birthday coming up in a week, turning 71 on August 19th. Don’t worry, most of us haven’t gotten the parasitic rapist anything either. Fortunately, birthday gifts are easy for the Clintons. They’re only interested in three things – wealth, power and votes.

Hillary Clinton is using her corrupt partner in crime’s meaningless birthday as a panhandling tool, attempting to reinvigorate the faltering Clinton Slush Fund by asking for money from the stupid people who have supported their lifetime of parasitic corruption.

Hillary Clinton just sent out a mailing, addressed personally to me and others as “friend,” reminding us that her husband, the rapist, has “always been dedicated to making a meaningful, positive difference in people’s lives.” Two people in particular, himself and his equally despicable wife.

She goes on to say, “It’s no secret that last year the work of the Clinton Foundation was the target of unprecedented, ugly, and misleading or outright false attacks. Again and again, people and organizations who don’t appreciate the work [exposed what was going on] tried to tear it down.” Those awful people just don’t appreciate the hard work that goes into pay for play schemes, bribery and the selling off of pieces of America for personal enrichment and power.

Clinton continues, “But in spite of the attacks, which incredibly still continue today, the Foundation continues doing what it has done best for sixteen years – launching innovative initiatives,” more commonly referred to as “get rich quick schemes.”

She then goes on to name some supposed humanitarian accomplishments of the Clinton Foundation and why everybody should be reaching for their PayPal cards to donate on her old pervy husband’s birthday.

She claims that AIDS medication cost reductions and testing were made available to 11.5 million people, although that number does seem to have become frozen for the past few years and providing access to is not the same thing as something being given. Access is merely a means by which to get it, as a panhandling letter is access to untold millions of dollars. It doesn’t mean anyone is stupid enough to throw their money away in response. Lower cost for AIDS drugs could be just pennies, even less, if anyone decided to buy.

They take more credit, stating, “21 million students in more than 35,000 U.S. schools have benefited from improved physical education, health education, and healthier food.”

Did they actually donate money to fund physical education facilities, pay teachers, hand out gym memberships or buy any equipment? Did they provide the healthier food itself or, along with the health education claim, print a few brochures saying “eat healthy, here’s why,” with the fundraising claims being the actual objective?

She says that thanks to them, US high schools have access to Naloxone for use in opioid overdoses. Does that mean they are stocking supplies at the schools or something more along the lines of providing a phone number where it can be ordered, at a profit.

Clinton summarizes by stating that there is “no telling what can be achieved with organizations like the Clinton Foundation hard at work.”

That’s what we’ve come to realize over the past few years. Whatever the Clinton Foundation is doing, they’re not telling, largely because it’s illegal and would send a normal person to prison. Forget doing any more of that “hard work,” this and other countries have been the victims of the pilfering Clintons more than enough already.

They should be counting their blessings that they’re not behind bars. Consider that to be your present for this year, Bill. Don’t expect the same thing for number 72.

bill hillary clinton birthday


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