Bill WHITTLE – Leftist Anti-Trump MEDIA Committing LIBEL, VOTER FRAUD

bill whittle

Bill Whittle takes on the topic of media bias, which he notes has been a complaint for half a century. It’s been a problem for much longer, at since at least the 1800s, but he’s dealing with the current mess we’re in. He notes that a 2013 survey showed the percentage of journalists identifying as Republican was a mere 7 percent. We could approach it from another angle, that the actual figure was 100 percent, since those identifying as Democrats or other liberals, the 93%, were propagandists by definition, not journalists.

In further exposing the left-wing stranglehold, he cites the result of a poll in April of last year of those in the White House Press Corps, which reflected a more dismal 0% of GOP members, or 100% leftist propagandists. Whittle isn’t buying the argument that there’s no fake news coming out of such an obviously biased group and utilizes the work of Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe to enhance his arguments.

He also shows how some of Andrew Breitbart’s tactics are being used against CNN as they walk into the trap they’ve laid for themselves with their affinity for fake news. Whittle makes the case for arguing libel against CNN and the fake news complex, noting the difference that the fifteen or more points attributable to their anti-Republican bias would have made in the last three elections, two of them which gave us the Islamist Obama and the last which almost ushered in his anointed successor.

Were it not for their meddling and attempts at rigging the election, it wouldn’t have been close. The GOP, outside of missing the DC Swamp and Hawaii in all three and the libtard stronghold of Vermont in 08 and 12, would have swept everything, every state in the union for the last twelve years.

That proves his case against libel with the final component of harm clearly being demonstrated. Whittle closes saying, “In order for people to govern themselves, those same people must have information upon which to base their votes. If that information is poisoned then so is the voting and so is the country. So really, when you get right down to it, mainstream media’s toxic politicizing of news is, in fact, the ultimate form of voter fraud.”


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  1. Thank you Rick Wells for posting this. I have always followed Bill Whittle. I need to join his site again.

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