Bill Whittle Exposes Bill Nye – The Climate Science Fiction Guy

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Bill Whittle is not impressed with “Science Fiction Guy” Bill Nye’s approach to science or his overly broad, diluted definition of what it is. He begins his observations with a nausea-inducing clip from Netflix’s “Bill Nye Saves the World” program, which is a torturous assault on the eyes, ears and potentially the mental health of anyone who happens to encounter it.

The pointless, gratuitous presentation of minimally appealing, non-qualifying “sex objects” has nothing to do with science beyond a possible study of the gag reflex. In fact, it’s difficult to ascertain what the pathetic woman displaying her hopeless absence of talent and her colleagues are attempting to accomplish and why Nye or his associates might interpret it as having anything to do with saving the world. Maybe it’s because they’re not really scientists and his program is not really science.

Whittle has if figured out, dismissing the smoke and mirrors of the “sex stew” presentation, saying, “What they’re really lecturing us about is our lack of respect for science.” He shifts into the discussion of the scientist facade of Bill Nye and a YouTube video that he has out that describes what will happen if all of the ice melts on the earth. Whittle notes, “Folks, it’s not pretty.” He notes the failure of Nye and his team to include in their alarmist presentation the fact that if their predictions were to come true it would take 5,000 years for it to happen.

He references a graph showing the trend of sea level rise globally, noting that the rate of the rise, another tidbit of information that failed to make it into the report, is 3 millimeters per year, 11.8 inches over the next 100 years, “if the temperatures were to go from 57 degrees Fahrenheit up to about 84 degrees,” and these things are cyclical in nature, so that’s a major “if.”

Whittle – about  the fundamental integrity of science being weaponized into politics

Whittle admits to being “a little confused about Kansas,” which used to be under 2,500 feet of water. He points to some inconsistencies between the claims of climate alarmists, the concentration levels of CO2, and remarks, “You see, this video isn’t about temperatures. It’s about  the fundamental integrity of science being weaponized into politics. He notes that telling half of the truth is “not science, it’s fraud.

He goes on to demonstrate how more of that selective reporting of information, including the hockey stick graph, slicing the study period into the most favorable duration to their desired results has been utilized by the climate fraudsters, with the actual data based upon longer periods in time showing there’s nothing to be concerned about.

Additionally, if there were, the Earth is a big, independently functioning place that is not subject to our whimsical demands or dictates. We couldn’t do anything about it even if we had to. Fortunately, we don’t.

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  1. Whittle does a nice job on this stuff. Nye has fallen off the cliff. Used to be quite good. Now he seriously dismisses scientific principle in favor of politics. Too bad.

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