Bill Clinton Busted Drooling Over Melania – Gets Hillary’s Death Stare

bill hillary stare


Horn dog Bill Clinton has no shame and nothing to lose. He’s got nothing to look at, either when it’s just him and Hillary hanging out, so he’s making the most of his time, checking out the new first lady as she makes her entry. He’s literally licking his lip and goes into one of his trademark lip bites, this time his own lip, as his perverted mind goes into high gear.

Melania Trump looked attractive and polished, as the narration in the Barry Soetoro video describes her, as she made her entry. As Hillary and the Mooch are chit-chatting and smiling at one another, it almost seems as the Clinton radar went off. Maybe it’s from years of living with the sexual predator, she knows him and knows what gets his attention.

Hillary turns around and surveys the situation, realizing that she was correct, Bill is once again being Bill, and he is being obvious about it. Her dilemma is that she can’t kick him in the groin or backslap him across the face as she normally would, given the nature of the event they’re attending. Bill seems equally aware of her limits.

As Hillary attempts to stare a hole in the side of his face he senses that she’s on to him, gives her a quick, ‘don’t bother me, I’m eating’ kind of response and returns to his indulgence. Hillary has no choice, she has to accept that she’s chopped liver and Melania Trump is a filet mignon.

After he’s been interrupted and returns back to his admiring of the new First Lady, the clock inside the predator’s head seems to have counted him down, with him nodding and saying “that’s” as the video stops.

We can only imagine what the next word might have been coming out of his mouth; that’s probably a good thing. It’s all kind of reminiscent of the Mandela funeral when Obama got a similar look from his domestic partner after he was a bit less restrained in his interaction with Danish PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt than what Mooch appeared to believe was appropriate.

That liberal tolerance stuff really does exist, in a “wait until I get you back to the car” sort of way.

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