“Bigger Man” Cummings Fakes Lewis Rescue In Another Scripted Attack

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The host on MSNBC tells his guest, racist Rep Elijah Cummings (D-MD) that he’d “love to hear your take on the back and forth over the weekend between Congressman Lewis and President-elect Trump.” Of course he would, it’s another opportunity for the anti-American Democrats to attempt to exert pressure on the President-elect to cower to their demands. Just as scripted and planned, that’s exactly what the scumbag from Baltimore, Mr. Cummings, proceeds to do.

He says, “Yeah, I think it’s very unfortunate.” Hold it right there, Elijah. Unfortunate is what you say when a tornado or a flood strikes. It’s not appropriate after a deliberate act of political aggression. The lifelong racist deliberately attacked the legitimacy of the President-elect of the United States because he’s seen as a threat to their agenda. Stupid, moronic, ill-advised, un-called for all are apt descriptions of the actions of John Lewis and fit nicely, unfortunate does not.

Cummings then quotes his uneducated share-cropper father, as if we’re to take his words as wisdom, saying, “big can’t get you if small’s got you.” You sure he made through the fourth grade, Cummings? He says, “You just can’t do this” and then presents the President-elect as being at fault for not having his lips firmly implanted where Congressman Lewis seats himself.

He says, “I would hope that the President-elect would today, pick up the phone, put down the Twitter stuff, and just give John Lewis a call.” Maybe they got the wrong idea from Trump’s outreach to Mitt Romney. He’s not going to be another Mitch McConnell that drags out his white hanky first and looks for someone to hand it to later. Lewis is the one who made the disparaging remarks towards Mr. Trump, on behalf of the racist Democrats. It’s his place to reach out if anyone is going to and he’ll be damn lucky if Mr. Trump agrees to take the call.

Cummings says, “He is indeed a hero. The forty -some members of the Congressional Black Caucus would not be in the caucus, we wouldn’t be in Congress probably, if it were not for people like John Lewis who put their lives on the line for us.” If Lewis is responsible for the bigoted manipulators in that racist organization, the Congressional Black Caucus being there, then he’s a villain, not a hero. They’ve got, at a minimum, two masters they serve before the nation, their party and their race. They’re not worthy of holding office. There should be no race-based organization of any kind within our government and those who choose to belong to them expose their own racist underpinnings to the American people and the world.

He continues, “So I would hope that the President would go big, pick up the phone, President-elect, on this Martin Luther King birthday celebration day, I would hope that he would do that.”

Cummings says he hasn’t decided whether or not to attend Mr. Trump’s inauguration. In response to that ambiguity, there’s some special words that he may understand. Go small, Rep Cummings, just like you always do. Rep Cummings has a law degree, but the old fourth grade educated share cropper heritage is sure coming through strong.

Cummings goes on to say that “this is bigger than Trump, this is bigger than Hillary Clinton,” though thankfully we won’t have to find a pantsuit to accommodate it. “This is about a struggle for the soul of our democracy.” Marxists love to mislabel our Republic as their mob rule form of stepping stone to totalitarianism.

His pitch is a strong indicator that the anti-white Democrats recognize they’ve created a PR nightmare. Cummings’ attempts are another effort to label Trump as a racist should he do what any President-elect would do and ignore Lewis from this point forward. His comrades at MSNBC offered their free national platform to extricate John Lewis from the tight spot he got himself into as an operative of the Democrat Party. Let him and their fellow America-haters stew in his own juices, Mr. Trump. Expose him and those like him for the bigots, frauds and phony race-baiting charlatans that they are. He’s no different or better than Al Sharpton. Real presidents don’t grovel before cur dogs.

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