Ben Stein – Attacks On Trump At WHCD Not Funny, Vicious, Degrading, Absolutely Right To Skip It

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CNN fake news host Ana Cabrera asks Ben Stein if he still believes that President Trump did the right thing by skipping the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, having previously defended him as being a punching bag.  From her reaction she seems genuinely surprised by her guest’s response.

Stein said, “I thought that what Mr. Minhaj said was sickening, I couldn’t watch it for very long.” She responds with a child-like “Why?” Stein continues telling her exactly that, saying, “I think it’s stunning to belittle and attack and mock the President at such a base an villainous level and to describe him as a Soviet agent and Liar-in-Chief, especially to the media. The media is a joke in this situation.”

He says, “First of all, they’re the ones who built him up. Without the media he would still be back running casinos somewhere. He has played the media fantastically, unbelievably well. The media is not his enemy. He has cleverly made the media his main ally and the media is laughing as if they think they’re somebody great and holy and neutral and above it all.”

” They’re not holy and above it all,” says Stein. “They’re a sharp instrument of the left in this country, but Trump has managed to turn it on its head and make them the bad guys out there in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and places he was never expected to win. So I mean, they’re laughing, they should be laughing at themselves not laughing at him.”

She tries and fails to make the argument that the media did laugh at themselves, including the old standard of it being their job to hold the administration’s feet to the fire. No sale, news reader, you burn President Trump at the stake, every day, that’s a completely different level of viciousness and bias.

Stein responds by saying, “I was a speech writer for President Nixon, I’ve always been a fan of President Nixon. Even Nixon was not held up to the same level of ridicule, mockery and vicious attack that Trump is.” He somehow feels it necessary to include a comment that he wrote in an article over 30 years ago that Trump should be investigated for securities fraud, an attempt to prove he’s not in the Trump tank, apparently.

Stein concludes, saying, “So I’m not a huge fan of his, but the level of attack upon him by the media has been so vicious, I’ve never seen anything like it and every day’s newspaper has got more stories attacking him, attacking him, attacking him, they just don’t give the guy a break.”

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3 Comments on Ben Stein – Attacks On Trump At WHCD Not Funny, Vicious, Degrading, Absolutely Right To Skip It

  1. I can’t stand the jerk, however he falls into the correct position at times and on this occasion he’s spot on.

  2. Ellen Vento // May 1, 2017 at 10:17 pm // Reply

    Ben Stein is completely correct on the subject of how the news attacks our president, non stop. I can’t even believe what I’m hearing at times. I do believe the people are and will continue to turn on the media. They’ve taken the assaults to a level of disrespect and disgrace. They can try to talk their way out of it with the excuses that they use, but that will only go so far. I read and listen to the disrespect news to keep myself in the know of what is being said, but it sickens and upsets me. Then I read Rick Wells and it has a balancing affect to some degree. The disrespect news is forgetting what America stands for, how to be good Americans, and to put America first.
    God bless President Trump.

  3. beachtennisguy // May 1, 2017 at 2:14 pm // Reply

    The lunatic jerks in the Leftist media slobbered over a Lord of the Flies for eight years. Now they seek to destroy a decent, patriotic leader. Maobama and his devilish stooges don’t deserve to live in a free, prosperous, civil society. Yet they are in our faces, with morons happy to throw money at them, day after day. Decent, patriotic Americans should pray for President Trump and his Administration. And may the enemies of the Bible be cast into a lake of fire.

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