Ban Ki-Moon Dropping UN Globalism Ball One Last Time On New Year’s Eve

ban ki moon


It’s only fitting in the most inappropriate of ways that the final act of 2016 for any government official, particularly the outgoing globalist world government leader of the UN, be to drop the ball on the United States and the year 2016. The entirety of 2016 and the 2015 lead up was really one big UN dropping of the ball on the world and reality, it’s great that they recognize it. Particularly, the outgoing crony-serving bureaucratic puppet, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, will be honored as the arrogant little control freak who pushes the button. It’s not nuclear war, or global enslavement, but it’s as close as he’s going to get.

This was to be the year that Hillary Clinton cemented the United States subservience to the global power structure with her victory before those “fake news” sites revealed the unreported truth about her. We were supposed to be accepting our relocation into high density urban welfare housing as a substitute for jobs and a future in a real economy, in the interest of saving the planet from the evils of God’s creation of mankind. Instead we’re looking forward to a real economy and the prospects of gainful, meaningful employment under Donald Trump.

But the out-of-touch globalists, who are having their terrorism-enabled control shoved back in their arrogant, upturned little snouts in Europe as well, still don’t get it. Rather than recognize that they are the scourge of the earth and an endangered species, the sooner the better in the opinion of their would-be livestock, they lick each other’s wounds and bemoan the ignorance and lack of sophistication of those they sought to domesticate.

They just need more people to get the message that they really are the only hope for the world. They’ll put their poster-boy for failure, Ban Ki-moon center stage for one last time. He’s going to start the sixty second timer for the ball drop on the Time Square New Year’s Eve countdown clock. How riveting. Ask the attendees to name that funny little man with the lights on him, odds are you won’t get one out of 100.

The people don’t need to know who he is, or to care, though, the elites take care of their own. In words crafted to disguise the irrelevance and abject failures of the power-crazed UN control freaks, the imposition of their worldwide society through Islamification and open borders and the reality that the UN is a corrupt subversive organization both by design and through erosion from its deliberately distorted and misleading mission, Tim Tompkins, the President of the Times Square Alliance penned some “pretty lies.”

He wrote, “At a time when the world seems ever-more fractured, divided and disconnected the symbolism of our global celebration highlighting the United Nations and its Global Goals could not be more important.”

“Unlike too many other voices in the world today, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s legacy of bringing people and nations together, supporting refugee relief efforts and opposing war align perfectly with New Year’s hopes for a better and more just world.”

Actually, the election of Donald Trump, the Brexit, and referendums throughout Europe signal the exact opposite for 2017. Nice to see  you eggheads were paying attention. They’re nice-sounding words, Tim, and just like with you elitists, no connection to reality is required.

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