Fed Up Baltimore Home Fans Boo Their Own Ravens For Disrespecting America

ravens thugs

Eventually the NFL players will return to playing football without dragging their leftist politics into it and rubbing the noses of their captive audience fans in it.

Maybe it will happen when the dimwits finally recognize that less fan support equals lower pay and fewer opportunities.

It might take place when they stop being adored everywhere they go and are instead despised, sneered at and ridiculed when they’re out with the family at the Olive Garden or in Macy’s. Blind, mindless fan worship is one of the major perks these self-centered pukes revel in, and they’re throwing it away by exposing who they really are.

The Baltimore Ravens lined up and squatted [took a knee] like the “sons of female dogs” that President Trump identified them as again this Sunday, prompting the crowd to roundly rain boos down upon them. The negative response was deafening.

It’s obvious the NFL and networks are still covering for what now seems to be just as much their own attacks on the country, our Veterans and our symbols, as the only section of the crowd shown during the broadcast was not participating in the jeering of the America-haters in black.

Why are the owners and media going out of their way to make this appear as if it is a grass roots rebellion and to hide the true outrage among every day Americans? What role do they have in engineering what supposedly grew out of Kaepernick’s lone hatred for this nation?

The crowd shot almost looked as if it was taken earlier and then aired on a delay as a deliberate attempt to make it appear that the Ravens crowd was not angered by the antics of their football team. The audio completely invalidates any attempt at that argument.

The assembled crowd did not have that same vitriolic reaction for their hated opponent, the Pittsburgh Steelers, who, following last week’s pathetic attempt to walk the middle ground between respect and disgrace, opted to stand.

The Ravens lined up on the sidelines, holding hands and kneeling, looking more like they are the special guests being introduced at Bathhouse Barry’s soapy massage parlor than what NFL players have traditionally been. If most of us saw this bunch on a sidewalk outside of the stadium, we’d be heading for the other side of the street, expecting to be without our wallet in the near future, likely in some degree of pain and leaking fluid.

What remains of the NFL that is worth cheering, the price of a ticket or the drive across town? It was a childlike fantasy that has outgrown its usefulness. The players aren’t cute, they’re not even likable. They’re offensive and, unfortunately for them, very slow learners. Instead of taking a knee they should just take a hike. They’ve overplayed their hand, a pair of deuces.


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8 Comments on Fed Up Baltimore Home Fans Boo Their Own Ravens For Disrespecting America

  1. The “boo’s” are in the right direction. What every single red blooded American needs to do is, for every team that allows their players to politicize their stupid assed agenda during our National Anthem, burn anything related to that team, don’t watch or go see that team play and, in general, erase that unAmerican team from your thoughts. We still have Saturday football that is much more entertaining than the pros, anyhow, after seeing their true feelings about our country, flag and National Anthem! If all these players stand for is race, then they have no idea what America is all about!

  2. i like the way Ben said it.
    am i WRONG?

  3. Next week the stadium seats will be empty, or nearly so. Football has had its day, I’m afraid America has had enough and these teams are going to be playing for democrats only, if that.

  4. Roger Goodell needs to be terminated and then hit personally with a monumental class action suit.

  5. Now I understand why all the commotion about concussions in the last decade or two had to be pushed. When the ignorant started filling the sports franchises, they need an excuse for the terminally stupid who can’t read and hardly speak intelligible English.

  6. Beachtennisguy // October 2, 2017 at 8:05 am // Reply

    Enjoyed the commentary. The booing may be one of the better things that I’ve heard about Baltimore lately. Empty stadium seats would probably make a better statement than booing. Michael Savage has been saying for years: We’re losing our country. Who cares if the “A’s” beat the “B’s”? If professional sports vanished tomorrow, and we had fewer apathetic ignorant voters, it would be a step forward.

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