The Bad, Bad and the Ugly – Clinton, Obama and Soros United Against America

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The first minute of the video is typical Clinton and Democrat patronizing BS for their base and unless you’ve got a strong stomach and a high tolerance for hypocrisy you’ll probably want to skip forward to the 1:00 minute mark. That’s where Clinton starts getting into the meat of her message, their coordinated attacks on the American people and our President.

It’s important to remember that these remarks come as Hussein Obama is ramping up his OFA agitation organization, and as her sponsor, George Soros, is continuing in his efforts to obstruct and invalidate the Trump Presidency through his spider web of various leftist front organizations. Apparently now is the time they’ve identified to bring the old blister out to do her part.

Clinton says, “After the primaries we came together as a party to write the most progressive platform in history. Ideas we championed are now inspiring leaders and activists across our country. She reminds the viewers of her supposed popular vote edge, saying, “Nearly 66 million votes are fueling grassroots energy and activism. And everywhere people are marching, protesting, tweeting, speaking out and working for an America that’s hopeful, inclusive and big hearted.”

Of course she implies that those marches and protests and the rest of the dissension and disruption is occurring organically, which it isn’t. It’s a coordinated effort between Obama and Soros utilizing his network of agitators and the same Soros thugs that Obama and Clinton directed to attack Trump supporters during the campaign. None of the unrest is happening without their filthy fingerprints all over it.

She singles out some of the specific areas where Obama and Soros have deployed their anti-Trump thugs and agitators, the “women’s” Planned Parenthood march, airports, and GOP Town Halls. She throws the totally meaningless statement into the mix that people are speaking up for health care, the environment and good jobs, all the things the Democrats were promising over the past 8 years as they led our nation to the brink of collapse. We’re still standing, that’s why they’re re-emerging at this time, to finish us off.

She urges Democrats to stay engaged, to reach out to new voters and everyone who wants a better, stronger, fairer America. She’s basically talking about better than what Obama left us, stronger than the collapsing military that he engineered us into, and fairer in the sense of communist “equal everything” that the globalists mission is to force us into.

She uses the “forward” code word of regimes of the past, including Obama’s, saying, “We must move forward with confidence and optimism and stay focused on the elections we must win this year and next. Let resistance plus persistence equal progress for our party and our country.”

She thanks the Obamas and DNC leaders as she pledges to all Democrats to “be right there with you every step of the way.” That’s similar to the announcement Obama made in the closing days of his pretend ‘presidency,’ that he was going to start his own communist agitation movement, which turned out to be OFA. Now, with her coming out video, the three headed fascist/communist monster that we are facing has taken form.

She’s awful cocky for a woman facing potential espionage, treason and other felony charges. Obama is similarly quite brazen in his attacks on America considering the fraud he perpetrated over the last eight years. Soros is likewise guilty of innumerable felonies against this nation. Let’s, as a nation, stop kidding ourselves and stop pretending these people aren’t the enemy we all know them to be.

It’s time for Attorney General Sessions to convene some grand juries, and to take a serious look into prosecuting all three of these criminals and their enterprises. The FBI has an active, ongoing investigation into the criminal Clinton Foundation’s racketeering, slush fund and money laundering operations. That’s just the kind of investigation that could wipe that stupid and phony smug grin right off of her hideous mug.

That’s a great place to start and now is clearly the time. She’s begging for it.

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7 Comments on The Bad, Bad and the Ugly – Clinton, Obama and Soros United Against America

  1. Steve Gaston // February 27, 2017 at 3:52 am // Reply

    This folly is nothing more than treason and sedition. These three need to be delt with severly and WITHOUT mercy.

  2. Gregg Trester // February 26, 2017 at 12:23 am // Reply

    What a great day it will be to see Soros, Obama and Hillary get sentenced to life without parole. And it would be nice to make public every single crime and immoral act each of them have committed. I don’t think the average person realizes just how bad each of these evil monsters are and the public should be informed. There are millions of people who still believe they are righteous, wrongly persecuted heroes, even though a lot of their acts HAVE been made public. It’s sickening. The longer it takes to prosecute them, the more I worry that they will somehow be forgotten and get away with their crimes. I’d like to see some action NOW! They are committing crimes against the country every day with this “OFA” crap and people who only watch mainstream media are so easily manipulated, they believe all the lies.

  3. The “useful idiots” will keep up their town hall “protests” — whining “bitch fests” with Republican legislators — until Soros runs out of money to fund them. Then, just maybe, they will try to actually seek some solutions to the 8-yr. failed exercise in socialism. But I wouldn’t hold my breath!

  4. TONYA PARNELL // February 25, 2017 at 6:00 pm // Reply


  5. That face, that stare, those demonic-looking eyes…She has nothing on Svengali…or Charlie Manson.

  6. Sorry, love your articles and the way you present them but I cannot read this one with that witch that has TRAITOR written all over her face. All of my FB friends and family know that Soros is the leader of the pack and has supported the witch and the illegal through 8 years of near destruction of our country.

    • Scroll down and then use a 3×5 index card to cover the video, it works for me – now I can keep my food down, even while I’m writing. lol

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