Backwards Bolshevik Bernie – His Job Is To Protect Us From Trump “Racism”

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Racist smear artist and creepy clown posing as a New Jersey Senator, Corey Booker, joined with his fellow career racist and smearing propagandist, Rep John Lewis (D-GA), in calling Donald Trump illegitimate. He referenced Mr. Trump’s effort to have action taken against the current occupier of the White House, whose supposed birth certificate is a proven fake and who has had every other record sealed or refuses, with the cooperation of media like Stephanopoulos, to explain the many inconsistencies. That includes his hidden school records and his use of another person’s social security number and forged draft registration.

The reason for Trump questioning Obama’s legitimacy, because anybody without an agenda to advance could clearly see he was hiding something, is not addressed. Just as with the proof finally produced by Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s office, it is predictably, being completely ignored.

As the fake news media pushes the narrative on behalf of their establishment and Democrat masters, Clinton insider Stephanopoulos asks communist Bernie Sanders, “Are Corey Booker and John Lewis right to say that Donald Trump won’t be a legitimate president?”

Communist Bernie doesn’t answer, instead responding, “Well, what Corey Booker and John Lewis are right about is to talk about the racist past of Donald Trump.” If you question a half-white guy about committing fraud to manipulate his way into the White House, it has to be racist. We all know there are no black or half-black criminals. To suggest that a half-black man is committing a crime is clearly driven by racism. That’s how Democrats are able to tell us that all police officers, even black or half-black ones, are racists, by skin tone.

The commie says questioning the phony Obama documentation was an outrage, which means it was most certainly the right thing to do. But what has Sanders really steamed is that Trump would dare to attack a Hollywood actress, his way of describing Trump’s response to whatever drivel was falling out of the unattractive man-chick Meryl Streep’s lying mouth at the Golden Globes. Please, just put her in a movie, Hollywood, a major production and then kick back, relax and listen closely. That ticking sound is the financial bomb about to go off.

Sanders says his job is to protect us from Trump. Maybe he should go to Cuba and get some experience with his middle class Utopia in action first. He pretends that Obamacare wasn’t going to self-destruct and that it was somehow sustainable prior to the current effort in Congress to repeal and replace it. The only reason it survived as long as it did is that establishment Republicans went along with Democrats in extending subsidies. Otherwise this mess would have blown up in Obama’s effeminate, cross-legged lap long ago.

Bolshevik Bernie says the Republicans have had six years to come up with a plan to repeal and replace Obamacare and have nothing. While it’s been six years since the Democrats imposed it upon us, Republicans just came to power. Give them time. They’re way ahead of you, which was a very short trip.

Stephanopoulos maneuvers another of the current Democrat talking points into the interview, their blaming of Jim Comey, who probably regrets the decision not to recommend prosecution of Clinton, for her loss. It was his fault, he informed Congress of new evidence of her criminal activity. Sanders, who was also cheated by the Clinton camp but is now apparently being well taken care of, has no problem with criminals, just with police or law enforcement responding.

George closes with one more attack on what his puppet masters told him to brand as the illegitimate 45th president, asking if Sanders will be attending the inauguration. Just as he caved to Hillary Clinton in the Democrat Convention, calling for her to be nominated, Sanders will be there. He wouldn’t miss an opportunity to bitch, moan and appear to be relevant on international TV.

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