Babeu – World About To Be Turned On Its Head Under Trump

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Stuart Varney plays a clip of President-elect Trump promising his supporters that he is going to build the border wall, to not be concerned that it’s not going to happen. Trump said, “Do not worry, we are going to build the wall, okay? Don’t even think about it.”

Varney asks Pinal County Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu how the people of Arizona feel about that pledge. He replies, “This couldn’t be a greater Christmas present, not just to the people of Arizona but all Americans and those of us who serve in law enforcement because law and order is about to be restored.”

Babeu says, “When we have 820,000 criminals, and this number, Stuart, reflects 84% of them are convicted felons, these are dangerous criminals.” Varney points to the logistics of accomplishing the task itself, noting that the people have to be contacted, captured and then taken across the border. “That is a gigantic undertaking,” says Varney, “and will not be done very quickly, surely.”

Babeu replies, “Well, the whole world is about to be turned up on its head because what we’ve had under Barack Obama, he literally has handcuffed us in law enforcement, shouted down the American people for wanting us to enforce the law, and now we’re going to actually go out and target, not basic illegals who are here, but the ones who have criminal records.”

Somehow the security of our border has evolved into a separate issued for the presence of the illegals who are here driving up rental rates, clogging our freeways, making use of our healthcare facilities and then skipping out on the bill, and receiving support for their families at taxpayer expense as they continue to erode the middle class into non-existence.

Babeu says we’re going to put the safety of American citizens in our communities first for once, but there are economic and identity crimes they engage in as well. Those crimes carry consequences for Americans as well, theirs are not victim less crimes.

Sure it’s great and a priority to seal the border and deport the criminals, but stopping there is failing to finish the job. They’re all criminals to a degree, something Mr. Trump and AG Sessions understand. Trump doesn’t leave jobs unfinished.

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4 Comments on Babeu – World About To Be Turned On Its Head Under Trump

  1. do two things at the same time.
    and do like President Lincoln did during the Civil War.

  2. Larry/vietnamvet1971 // December 20, 2016 at 9:20 pm // Reply

    GO GET ‘EM President Trump Find ’em, Lock ’em UP, then Deport ’em.

  3. If for no other reason, we must suspend all immigration because our health care system cannot support more people. Our hospitals (most in the red) have signs reading that no one will be turned away based on inability to pay. And fat cat Jamie Diman keeps calling to cut Medicare & Medicaid as he puts his father on the payroll. Oh, and another reason to halt all immigration: Where is the CDC to scream about the screening of diseases? Today I am going for my mandatory PPD to screen for tuberculosis. Yes, there have been outbreaks among immigrants in our country after it had nearly been wiped out after 100 years of isolating in TB sanitoriums and diligiant screening by health care workers. I can’t tell you how many thousands of PPD’s I’ve planted on both patients and staff members.

  4. Trump is owned by nobody. Out of his love for us he chose to spend a fortune and commit to hundreds of thousands of hours to plan and speak of us. He hired a company of ex police and ex FBI for his security knowing the extreme danger he has put himself in for us. He was given a genius mind and honor to follow through. He has insured he will by bringing in the best VP and already a crowd of high professionals picked by his wisdom. Praise the lord for Donald Trump. Yes he already has flipped the entire political structure here and in Europe, reference his partner for justice Orthodox Christian Putin. We were headed for assured war but now allies against terror. AMEN.

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