Former Sheriff Babeu is less than honest in claims that the Obama policy of catch and release is being eliminated and we’re going to enforce our border, deport all…

paul babeu

Former Pinal County Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu is a bit premature and overly optimistic in his description of the current policy on illegal alien squatters breaking into our country, particularly in the case of those from nations other than Mexico, claiming that catch and release has ended. It has not.

David Asman plays a clip of President Trump decrying the practice and asks, “It’s not acceptable but wasn’t it sort of the status quo during the Obama years?” Babeu replies, “It was and thank God for President Trump because he’s changed all that, just by his orders.”

Not so fast, Babeu, you’re not Sheriff anymore but you’re still expected to tell the truth. President Trump wants to change it, but is being thwarted by the open border globalists. He says, “And so, we see not just ICE and the Border Patrol but also the Department of Justice under Sessions that are all working in concert to bring the full weight of what’s currently the laws on the books to bear.”

So with that qualifier of “what’s currently the laws on the books,” he’s admitting that catch and release is not ended and is still being practiced due to the fact that our laws require a 20 day maximum of holding cell time for family units.

If they haven’t been processed and deported back home by then, the border crashing squatters are still being shipped off to the shadows of their choice, across the US, to compete with Americans for our jobs, at a greatly reduced wage. They also keep rents artificially high, jam our freeways and suck support dollars every day that they’re in our country in violation of our laws.

As a cheerleader Babeu falls far short of the benchmark for honesty. Simply declaring something to be the case doesn’t make it so. Acting ICE Director Tom Homan said just a couple of days ago that unless Congress acts to change the laws, catch and release, particularly for family units, is going to remain the policy, regardless of how badly he, President Trump and the rest of us want to change it.

Babeu conflates the issues, saying, “and now we have to secure the border to make sure that when people make it difficult for them to come across and when they do we enforce the law and immediately deport them. Not catch and release them into America.” Simply saying they’re going to deport them immediately is no more effective than saying we’re going to start construction on the wall on day one. The Swamp Rats in Congress have something to say about it and a lot of it involves the word “no.”

It would be great if we would start to do exactly that, to enforce the law, but somehow or another these illegals, through contrived asylum claims, the clogged court calendar and every other from of encumbrance and obstruction that Democrats and RINOs have been able to erect in our paths, have been able to manipulate themselves into long delays waiting in the US, with work permits and free support, for an immigration hearing they’re going to just blow off anyway.

Babeu doesn’t address this fundamental problem and instead merely gives us some empty “Rah Rah BS” about how we’re finally going to enforce the law. According to Homan, we’re nowhere near being able to do that the way the globalists inside our government, Obama and others, have twisted things up. He’s telling us how he wishes things were instead of how they actually are.

We all wish the border was being enforced and that a wall was being built. The subversives who run things, establishment shills, RINOS, traitors and globalist Democrats, are obstructing us and doing harm to our country in the process. Lying about it only serves to create confusion.

We have a serious problem of systemic failure and lax enforcement that needs to be addressed with clarity, not with false, deluded optimism.

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