Babbling Pelosi – Losing Elections, Democrat Support And Her Mental Acumen

nancy pelosi

As she is introduced to a video montage of four Democrat House members calling for Nancy Pelosi to be replaced in her leadership position, Pelosi seems to  short circuit a bit more than what is customary when she’s babbling. She tells the normally friendly and compliant leftists that she colludes with, the media propagandists, “I’m here and we’re hearing all of these other people, they had their time on TV. This is such a small item, it isn’t about me.” She might be right, it’s about the Democrats losing elections and seeing her as part of the problem.

She tries to return the focus to the health care bill and the dying Obamacare. She’s called on that line and by CFR member Charlie Rose that the Democrats have no message other than being anti-Trump. Pelosi really starts flailing on that one. She says, “No, that isn’t true, first of all let me just say,” and goes on to make excuses for losing the four races, that they were selected by Donald Trump, that he based his cabinet decisions on where Democrats wouldn’t be competitive in the subsequent election.

She feigns excitement at picking up a total of 70 percentage points in the four losing efforts. Maybe she doesn’t realize how weak that kind of talk makes her look, but there will be more. She says the people [Democrat losers] in those states are very happy with the percentage points, but as for her, “Me, I like to win.”

Pelosi says pathetically, “These people [Congressional Democrats] were against me last November. They started this before. The fact is blah, blah blah – how great I am, it’s not my fault, blah, blah. “We could write a message, but the fact is we need our members to write the message.” Pelosi just admitted she’s not only not capable of leading the party any longer, she has no clue about a winning message. America doesn’t want to be part of the worldwide the Soviet Union yet that is the direction their agenda is pushing us.

She’s asked why she doesn’t step down and replies with the embarrassing “master legislator” line again and a pitiful, inflated recitation of her resume. Pelosi appears desperate after she’s asked about how to change the image of the Democrats from what Hussein Obama described as a coastal liberal, latte-sipping politically correct, out of touch folks. In response Pelosi says, “We always have a challenge, again, I take it back to the affordable care act.”

Pelosi sees she’s getting nowhere with any of the three with that line, so she shifts, saying, “It happens with your spouse as well. If you think you’re communicating and they don’t think you’re communicating, you’re not communicating.” Proving that she isn’t communicating, Pelosi says it’s not about their agenda or message, they’re just not communicating well enough. You keep thinking that Pelosi. Stalin had a good message too, it just seemed no matter how many millions of people he killed they still never understood him.

She repeats the threat that hundreds of thousands of people will die if the Republican bill passes. How many will die when Obamacare ceases to exist under its own weight, Pelosi, and who was it that jammed that load of crap down the throats of America? It was the like your doctor keep your doctor, pass it to see what’s in it Democrats, under Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi demonstrates with a fist pump at the end that she never knows when to stop talking, saying and…without having any idea of and what, filling in with write your Senators and Congressmen. She’s really in over her head. She’s struggling and hoping nobody else can tell. Everyone can tell, Pelosi – it’s time to pack it in. Go sip some latte with some of your fellow out of touch Dems on the California coast. On second thought, stay right where you are.

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  1. Face it, Pelosi, you haven’t got a clue!! And if you did, your mouth would get in the way of anybody listening to you.

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