Author Of New Obama Book Describes Things Missed By MSM Propagandists For Over 8 Years

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Tucker Carlson has as his guest author David Garrow, who has written what Carlson describes as “an exhaustive, thousand page look at the former ‘president’s’ life prior to being elected.” Garrow describes it as remarkable “that someone could twice be elected ‘president’ of the United States, serve eight years, and huge pieces of his earlier life remained undiscovered. And it’s not just a girlfriend, it’s his closet intellectual companion, his closest friend from Harvard Law School, the person who actually helped edit his autobiographical memoir, “Dreams from my Father.” It’s remarkable that journalists didn’t do this basic legwork back in 2007, 2008.

Garrow is a progressive Democrat who looks at the transition of a similarly motivated Obama in his early years as a Chicago politician and the evolution into whatever he has now become. Carlson notes the description Garrow uses in the epilogue of his book being that of “a hollow man.” He’s gone from a modest middle class existence to rubbing shoulders with billionaires and celebrities and making $400,000 dollar speeches. That evolution has Garrow, “Disturbed and perplexed that he has changed so dramatically over the last fifteen years.” He says the need to become president fundamentally changed who Obama was, describing him as previously being a very good person.

Carlson notes that Garrow indicates the Mooch was not his first choice as a wife, asking him to explain the criteria Obama uses to make his decision in that regard. Garrow doesn’t get into the particulars of how that process unfolded but he notes a longtime relationship with a woman who was of mixed Dutch and Japanese heritage that was never uncovered during the years before and while he was in office. There’s also this guy “Rob” who was Obama’s closest friend at Harvard. It seems there is more Garrow would like to tell us about, Rob.

Carlson also observes, based upon information contained in the book, that Obama makes important personal decisions not so much upon emotion but through analysis, saying, “It seems like at key points in his life, Obama made decisions that were not human decisions, he seems to make decisions based upon political calculation, going back a long time, including on who he married. And there’s a coldness…that’s at the center of the guy and it’s really striking.” Garrow attributes it to a “deep, profound political ambition.”

Carlson doesn’t ask and Garrow doesn’t volunteer any information regarding the questions of the phony documentation, the lack of any pictures of the children when they were little or of a pregnant Mooch. The issues of Obama’s rumored gay lifestyle may have been hinted at with his mention of Rob, the Harvard friend.

His drug use was also left out of the interview, though at least a passing reference to anti-white racism was made with the mention of the preacher of hate, Jeremiah Wright. Maybe we’re supposed to buy the book for those revelations or perhaps this book is just more of the same superficial Obamacrap, intended to provide the appearance that the story’s been told already and thus discouraging any investigative reporter who wants to dig into the truth.

The appearance to those curious journalistic minds would be that there’s nothing new to discover, the 1,000 page book got it all. Maybe it did, maybe not.

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9 Comments on Author Of New Obama Book Describes Things Missed By MSM Propagandists For Over 8 Years

  1. I have stopped believing in fantasies a while ago. Actually it was when i kept seeing all the Dimms escaping legal charges for their crimes.

  2. Tonya, the better question might be why would anyone want to know anything more about this poor excuse for a man. Thinking people know exactly who he is and what he is not!

    Rick, thank you for not giving this faker any dignity via honorary title.

  3. beachtennisguy // May 9, 2017 at 7:42 pm // Reply

    An article about this book at another conservative web site is followed by Comments which are more interesting than the article, in my opinion.

    Many commented that they have no intention of reading (much less buying) the book. One gentleman said that he would be returning the copy he ordered online, as soon as it arrived.

    Many feel that another “biography” which ignores Maobama’s phony birth document, his recycled Social Security Number, and his hidden college transcripts, deserves to be ignored.

    There’s something about nitwits and traitors that make them slobber over Maobama like a Lord of the Flies.

    Either one realizes that Maobama was the worst traitor and biggest human wrecking ball — destroying freedom, prosperity, and civility in America and around the world — to occupy the White House, or one is an enemy of America as originally intended.

  4. Enrico Hernando // May 9, 2017 at 7:31 pm // Reply

    This fraud who took power and tried to transform America was by design. It was well planned and highly suspect that this fellow Garrow is part of the scheme to further spin his true identity by writing a book on him after he leaves office to prevent prosecution. We do not see any value in a bio of an implant trying to hide his true identity. A con man who duped America for 8 long years undermining our Western culture and religious freedom. A serious mistake by voters who did not strictly vet him for the presidency.

  5. “The appearance to those curious journalistic minds would be that there’s nothing new to discover, the 1,000 page book got it all. Maybe it did, maybe not.”

    Obviously it didn’t, Rick. This is a story a long time in the making. We’re just scratching the surface.

  6. TONYA PARNELL // May 9, 2017 at 2:06 pm // Reply

    Why would anyone waste money on buying a book of a fake?

  7. Dr. Robert Laity // May 9, 2017 at 1:33 pm // Reply

    Obama is a criminal degenerate miscreant who usurped the Presidency by fraud during time of war. That makes Obama a spy under 10USC and a Traitor under 18USC. There is NO “President” Obama:

    • I hope you’ve noticed Dr, that I always use a lower case “P” and quotation marks when quoting a reference to obama as being president, not to do so would grant him legitimacy that he doesn’t deserve and further diminish the office. The exception is when it comes at the beginning of a sentence and then I’m out of options, otherwise he’s either ‘president’ or pretend ‘president’ – thanks for the comment and for visiting my site.

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