Ashcroft – Fed Law Nullification By “Belligerent Resister” Sanctuary Cities – Make Em Pay

john ashcroft


Cavuto opens with a statement of the position of LA’s open borders, globalist mayor, London educated Eric Garcetti. He says, according to Cavuto, they’re “not changing a darn thing here, we’re going to continue doing what we’re doing.”

Former Attorney General John Ashcroft is asked about the position of the current Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, regarding the Trump administration’s policy of enforcing the law, including immigration laws.

Ashcroft says, “This is simply a demand or a policy of returning to the rule of law. If there’s an imperative to have cooperation between federal and local law enforcement authorities, it’s a national security imperative. And that relates to who we have in the country, especially, I’m keenly aware of that when I know who perpetrated the attacks of 9/11 and how many of them were illegal.”

He says, “What we’re really seeing is the Attorney General of the United States doing what an attorney general ought to do and that’s to enforce the rule of law.” He’s asked how you do that, how do you enforce it. Ashcroft responds, “Well, obviously part of the enforcement is to at least cut off the resources that would otherwise be sent to these organizations from the federal government.”

“And this isn’t really novel,” says Ashcroft, “this was something that was announced during the Obama administration last summer. And the idea that the federal government should fund belligerent resistance to federal government policies is maybe the definition of insanity. We expect very strange things from government but funding resistance to what is in the national security, funding things that enhance the ability of people to disrupt the United States is certainly not something we ought to do.”

“It’s totally reasonable,” says Ashcroft, “to say if you’re going to disrupt our ability to enforce the immigration laws, we’re not going to fund you. We’re not going to send you some of the four billion dollars in aid that comes from the federal government, the local governmental end and that’s for purposes of law enforcement and other things.”

Ashcroft says he doesn’t know if the outlaw government entities will respond constructively or not. He says, “I think when Attorney General Sessions makes this statement he means it, so we’re likely to see real consequences.” He also notes, “There are proposals in other respects, in the Congress and from thoughtful people, that would provide liability to local governments that release individuals who the federal government has asked for them to retain in custody or to be delivered to the federal government.”

“What you have in these sanctuary cities,” he says, “is the release to the public of convicted criminals and people who have been ordered deported, so they perpetrate additional crimes. They release them on the public but they refuse to release them to the law enforcement authorities of the federal government. If that’s not inexplicable.”

He then gets into the issue of nullification and the actions of what he has deemed “belligerent resisters.” Ashcroft says they should pay a price for their actions and believes forfeiting of federal government resources “is what the first step should be.”

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