Arpaio Proves Obama Birth Certificate Forged – Hands Evidence, Case To Congress

arpaio obama birth certificate


Thursday’s announcement by Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona, concludes their investigation which began back In 2011, when approximately 250 members of the Surprise, AZ, Tea Party, contacted the Sheriff and asked him to investigate the fraudulent Obama birth certificate. They believed the evidence indicated clearly that the document presented as proof of Obama’s US birth and citizenship was a fraud. Sheriff Arpaio agreed to look into it and with chief investigator Mike Zullo and his cold case posse, opened a case.

Arpaio states it has nothing to do with where Obama was born, that he doesn’t care, but the scope was restricted to solely a determination of whether or not the birth certificate posted on the White House website in April of 2011 was real or fake. He reiterates, it’s an investigation into a possible government-forged document.

Many Americans already know the answer to that question, and have other questions, such as his sealed school records, social security number and selective service documents that need to be answered, but at least somehow in law enforcement is willing to stand up and address this issue, albeit eight years too late.

Arpaio says his investigation has concluded the Obama birth certificate to be “a fraudulently created document which has been represented as an official copy of the original birth certificate of ‘president’ Obama.”

He continues, saying, “We, and anyone else who dared to question the document have been maligned, falsely labeled, grossly criticized in the bulk of the media and certain Internet sources, for years. Today we’re going to set the record straight. We believe you will be shocked by what you see and hear today. Also the implications will be profound.”

Sheriff Arpaio says, “All we have ever wanted was the truth in this matter with the great hope that the document was indeed a valid representation of the original document. Think of that, we were trying to clear the ‘president.’ It didn’t work out that way. We had to follow the evidence. We let the evidence determine the direction of the investigation. That’s what we always do on any investigation. You get the evidence. This one was handled no differently then no matter what the investigation is about.”

Sheriff Joe adds, “So now, the important part is to present the pertinent details and the executive summary of our analysis.” He turns the microphone over to his chief investigator, Mike Zullo to present the evidence and it is quite damning, just as we always knew it would be if we could ever get someone to pursue it or a rare honest judge to allow a hearing in their court room. It’s late, but it’s much better than never.


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