Arpaio Libtard Successor Sheriff Calls Illegals “Guests,” Will Work With ACLU

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It’s a good thing Joe Arpaio is still alive because the rate that he’d be spinning if he were in a grave would levitate both him and the casket right out of the ground. The new sheriff of Maricopa County is a bit linguistically challenged, it appears, choosing to define those criminals who have broken into our nation illegally by the term “guest.” The natural question to ask as a follow up to that insanity is if he applies the same tortured logic and definition in breaking and entering cases of other types within his jurisdiction and if not, upon what basis and at what point does he make a distinction.

Is it merely enough that they have broken into the nation and not an individual home or business that separates who is “a welcome guest” from who is a criminal? One thing needs no explanation, this guy’s an idiot and a criminal himself.

The idiot sheriff is Paul Penzone, who defeated Arpaio in the November election and was publicly sworn in on Wednesday, not that an oath of office means much to somebody who has publicly stated that some lawbreaking is fine with him. Just like Lynch and Obama, it has to be the same laws that he chooses to ignore or doesn’t approve of. He was actually sworn in as Sheriff on Sunday, but like so many other things in the efforts to get law enforcement to actually be law enforcement, this ceremony was a show for the people, be they citizens, residents, illegals or “guests.”

Penzone showed where his emphasis will be, stating, “The top priority is addressing the issue of the federal monitors and meeting those objectives and those outcomes.” Basically submitting to the dictates of Washington DC to federalize local law enforcement, and forcing them to adopt the Obama regime’s civil rights division’s dictates.

Penzone said. “We have to do that. We can’t move forward until we’ve gotten on the same page, so I look forward to working with the ACLU. I look forward to working with the DOJ on the monitors and getting everybody on the same page so this community can be in a better place.”

He’d better look forward to enforcing the law because after January 20th that DOJ is going to expect local law enforcement to do their jobs and that doesn’t mean releasing criminals because it’s politically mandated, nice and friendly, or part of the master repopulation program for the United States. The law will once again be the law, whether Sheriff Penzone likes it or not. Let’s hope it hasn’t been so long that he won’t be able to recognize it and enforce it accordingly.

First indications are he’s got no clue.

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5 Comments on Arpaio Libtard Successor Sheriff Calls Illegals “Guests,” Will Work With ACLU

  1. Let’s assign 550 guests to live in his home at his expense for an indefinite period of time. See how long it takes him to change his tune about illegals, This is exactly what he is demanding his fellow citizens to do. Somebody should read the definition of illegal to him everyday until he gets it.

  2. The only reason he got elected were the votes of the “guests” who voted illegally or their anchor children. Many years of allowing “guests” to cross the border benefits the democrats with more votes and political power. Hillary would not have gotten what she did without the “guest” votes. Oh, and by the way, there are at least 1 billion guests in India and Africa who are waiting to come to the USA. Why should Mexicans get preferential treatment simply because they are closer to the border?

  3. David Langdon // January 6, 2017 at 10:04 pm // Reply

    Illegals from any country are not guests but Intruders that have no right to be here and they need to go back where they came from until they comply with legal entry rules. CASE CLOSED.. Bring Back Joe

  4. Denis Flaherty // January 6, 2017 at 9:43 pm // Reply


  5. I hope he gets a good lesson from the new DOJ. Laws are meant to be enforced, not chosen by whim of which to enforce and which to not. So sad that Sheriff Joe is gone.

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