Armed Man Arrested Wearing Bulletproof Vest At Trump Tower, Looking For Ivanka

ivanka trump knives

Anyone who is following the Trumps and world affairs likely knows that the President and his entourage, including his daughter, Ivanka, are in Europe for the G20. They would also know that she works out of an office in the White House, not spending much of her time in Trump Tower.

The violent, assault-prone leftists aren’t known for educating themselves on politics or else they wouldn’t be leftists. Liberalism is an indicator of an unstable mind, which seems to have been what prompted a visit to Trump tower by one of those violent and dangerous nutjob libtards.

On Thursday, a man identified as Sixto Benitez Adames, 52, was arrested after he entered Trump Tower looking for Ivanka Trump. He told the Secret Service agents he was a US Senator and was there to meet Ivanka to discuss her clothing line.

That’s a pretty unbelievable premise, but okay, it could happen. Senators are on their July 4th holiday this week so he could have made a trip to New York to talk about dresses. The fact that he was wearing a bulletproof vest cast doubt on his story though. Most Senators wear suits when they’re working, usually without a vest.

He also had a fake New York State identity card that he presented as identification. It’s something only illegal aliens are allowed to do but with a name like his he might fit into that category. Then there’s the two small knives he had in his possession and a tied off sock with a weight in it. It’s clearly time to ban small knives and socks in New York City.

It would appear that this man had some bad intentions in his troubled mind which, fortunately, were not very well thought out. He was removed by officers and transported to Weill Cornell Medical Center for a psychiatric evaluation after “exhibiting behavior of an emotionally disturbed person.”

It seems to be another incident of the Obama leftists filling their mentally unstable followers with such hatred and outrage that they’re willing to inflict serious bodily injury on those they erroneously see as having somehow done them or the nation wrong.


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