Arkansas Bar Lets Clinton Skate On Corruption, Espionage, Threats To Nat’l Security

hillary clinton

The Arkansas bar association has effectively announced to the world that they are corrupt and a political tool of the even more corrupt Clintons and their criminal, anti-American organization, the Democrat Party.

The good old boys at the Arkansas bar gave a Hillary Clinton yet another in her endless series of exceptions to the rule of law and the consequences of her espionage against the United States, deciding that it will not permanently strip Hillary Clinton of her ability to practice law in the state.

In doing so, they rejected requests to punish her for risking national security with her home email server, on which she stored stolen government documents prior to sale and made them available to the governments of the world for hacking. They had also sought redress for her lying to congress, what they diplomatically sanitized as “misleading Congress.”

The Office of Professional Conduct at the Arkansas Supreme Court sent a letter this week stating that two staff lawyers had looked into the complaints against Mrs. Clinton and concluded “there does not appear to be a sufficient basis for a formal complaint.”

There also does not appear to be any signs of intelligent life at the Arkansas judiciary. Even we non-lawyers understand that Comey inserted an element of intent into a statute where none was required. We all know that if ordinary citizens had stolen government documents as she did they’d be in prison right now. Many are who did much less. How is it that these Arkansas hacks can’t find it? Do they need an unbiased, un-bought layman to come and point things out to them?

They indicated that since her partner in crime, Hussein Obama, didn’t prosecute her, she must not be guilty, therefore the state bar wouldn’t pursue her either. Michael Harmon, deputy director of the Office of Professional Conduct wrote, “Though criminal charges are not required to pursue formal disciplinary proceedings, none were filed in this matter,” in a letter to Ty Clevenger, an attorney pursuing the issue.

Mr. Clevenger noted Clinton’s perjury and destruction of evidence over her email setup as State Department secretary, noting that she destroyed government records and “misled” Congress in the process.

But “Hillary’s a good old gal” was the response, in essence, from the good old boys at the Arkansas Bar. She’s been flouting the law since back before Whitewater and they’ve done virtually nothing in response. Why should they start now?”

While her Arkansas license has been suspended, it is not a disciplinary action but a failure to remain current on legal education requirements. Clevenger says she could easily reactivate it by simply updating her credentials.


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