Antifa Berkeley Radicals Detailed – Web Of Organized National Anti-American Conspiracy

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The Berkeley and other riots that have been taking place over the past three years or so are not the spontaneous occurrences that some of their anti-American organizers might like for us to think they are. Lately some of the communists behind them, such as Yvette Felarca, have taken shelter in their notoriety and have admitted publicly who they are. Others, such as George Soros and other Democrat financiers operate from the fringe with a primarily financial involvement. There are many others, such as Bob Creamer, who was busted as a thug for hire by Project Veritas, whom we only learn about as they are exposed. Some of those radicals are identified in this video.

The exposure of those anti-American agitators involves some key players in the disruption and assault phase as well as a higherup, including Felarca, who is seen with a bandage on her head after attacking some peaceful Klan members at a rally in Sacramento. The Klan did not initiate the violence and Felarca was not shy about taking credit in the assault as being the aggressor. She also promised more of the same in the future, a pledge she and her fellow anti-American agitators have made good on. She describes her movement which adopts a title from the Saul Alinsky community organizing model of “by any means necessary,” to “legitimize” their hostile physical assaults and disruptions, a statement that, “the end justifies the means.”

A common thread throughout their attacks is for police to stand down and allow them to beat the hell out of innocent, peaceful people with opposing viewpoints. Free speech is supposed to be protected in this country and police officers swear an oath to the Constitution. In some areas, such as Berkeley, with a strongly anti-American radical, Jesse Arreguin as mayor, the Constitution protections only apply to speech he agrees with. Thuggery against others is welcome and he regularly orders police to stand down.

The video identifies other members seen engaged in the rioting, assaults and incitement, not surprisingly, the common theme of “educators” runs through the group. These “role models” utilize impressionable young patsies which are recruited into their ranks as operatives devoted to a false, cultish “greater good.”

The contributors to the legal side of the Marxist radical revolutionary group includes the Kellogg Foundation, Ford Foundation, the California Federation of Teachers, two Judges named Mathis, many union locals and the infamous legal contortionists for anti-American causes, the Southern Poverty Law Center.

This is not an isolated collection of ragtag radicals, it is part of an orchestrated national campaign being waged by the anti-American left and it is going to intensify as they suffer setbacks or successes. Antifa, the umbrella organization, is international in scope. We need to recognize this for what it is and understand we’re in for a fight, like it or not.

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