Another Obama Agitator Judge Overrules President Trump – Is Enough Finally Too Much?

so called judge orrick


It’s become an obvious and indisputable fact that the criminal Obama regime positioned “so-called” judges of similarly compromised integrity throughout the judiciary to act as spoilers and thwart any effort by his successor to faithfully conduct his duties as the President of the United States. They have, in essence, created a new position, that of an unconstitutional Leftist Quality Control Supervisor, responsible for inspecting all of President Trump’s actions and rejecting any that don’t meet their “high liberal standards.”

On Tuesday a federal “so-called” judge in San Francisco, who was appointed by Hussein Obama, William Orrick, became the latest to play pretend president. In searching for his means of blocking the lawful actions of President Trump, the liberal activist decided upon a declaration that the president has no authority to attach new conditions to federal spending.

The lawsuits were brought by the sanctuary city of San Francisco and the equally lawless Santa Clara County against an executive order restricting funding to illegal alien criminal-harboring jurisdictions. According to the ruling of the “judge,” the money and the criminal illegals must keep flowing until the issue is decided in court.

Orrick ruled that President Trump cannot set new conditions for federal grants and even if he could, there would have to be a direct relation between the funding and the situation, labeling the Trump action as coercive. It’s difficult to see how federal money going to those violating federal law is not a direct connection.

Orrick said, “Federal funding that bears no meaningful relationship to immigration enforcement cannot be threatened merely because a jurisdiction chooses an immigration enforcement strategy of which the president disapproves.” DOJ attorneys or those crafting a way of ignoring this judicial malpractice might asks this pinhead how is releasing illegal alien criminals considered an immigration enforcement strategy. They might also ask, since immigration is a federal function and in view of that language, is it his intention to effectively prohibit executive branch discretion and the ability to withhold federal funds for any immigration related situation?

If President Trump doesn’t figure out a way to get around this naked assault on the Constitution and his presidency, he’s doomed to failure. The offenses will simply continue, with every action of his followed by another by a black-robed Marxist quality control agitator. One option is the tried and true “go pound sand” method, the one that’s probably best for starters.

The corrupt “judges” are overstepping their authority – simply state it, and state the president’s intention to ignore their orders. He would need to be assured of Paul Ryan’s support in such an action, that he would refuse to bring any impeachment articles to the floor or have a suitable replacement in the Speaker’s position that he can trust. Ultimately it will be up to the Supreme Court, who may be less prone to judicial activism.

Rather than squander the effort on the sanctuary cities question, and barring a simple rewrite of the visa standards or vetting procedures, which would seem to be the easiest and safest method of circumventing the judicial hacks, use the “go pound sand” method to stop the flow of terrorists into America.

Barring that route being chosen, Trump could, at a minimum, order that all future refugees be relocated to Hawaii, Maryland, Washington and California, the terrorist loving states. Work out the details of how to avoid impeachment, but work it out. Stop accepting that swamp mud is like cement and struggle your way out of it. Do not acquiesce to this continued usurpation of presidential authority.

This government by liberal judiciary committee is not what we all fought so hard for in the campaign, yourself in particular, Mr. President.


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8 Comments on Another Obama Agitator Judge Overrules President Trump – Is Enough Finally Too Much?

  1. I heard/read somewhere that the president can simply not fund federal judges. If true Trump could just withhold funds from them. I guess that Soros might just make up the difference.

  2. Time to declare war on activist judges turned self appointed dictators.
    Tire of this shit.
    If it’s not going to be stopped by those voted in to rein in these outlaws then it is moving closer to the citizens having to take over.

  3. Freddie Arthur Hisle // April 26, 2017 at 11:40 am // Reply

    And, he needs to fire his Daughter, his Son inLaw, and the pussy pre-bust.

  4. If the President has the power to allow or not allow anyone he deems a threat to the American people into this country, then who are these “judges” to stop him? I say he should carry on with the travel ban and let the courts try to stop him. He clearly has this power, and to buckle to the judiciary is to give up his power as President.

  5. Would love to see these “judges” put in their place. The order is done under the President of the United States jurisdiction and I believe should go forth until anyone can prove the President does not have this power, which he so plainly does. Fire the judges if you can, President Trump, and don’t let them get in your way. They are illegal, not you.

  6. Billie McClune // April 26, 2017 at 9:59 am // Reply

    Obama never was legally our President so what ever he put in place has no bearing. We the people who pay taxes are fed up with these judges throwing there weight around. We the people pay them to preform there duties under the Laws of our Constitution and not because they are aiding and a betting criminal activities. President Trump is the highest authority in the United States and not some do gooder Mayor or Governor. These are criminal Cities blame and simple.
    We will not be forced to allow these idiots to keep these so called Sanctuary Cities in place to protect illegals hiding out and using our tax money to provide for them. Try hiding out into Mexico illegally and see how far you would get. See if you would be provided a safe zone and be protected from the Law. Then to top it off tell the Media of Mexico you support illegals entering there and see how that works for you. This is insanity . President Trump must over turn these people as they are causing a great threat to our people here legally. Obama was allowed to do every dirty deal in the book and no one stopped him. He was an illegal and had a false Birth Certificate plus a false Social Security number but no one cared to investigate this. Do not let them tie your hands President Trump stop this nonsense once and for all.

  7. Kelleigh Nelson // April 26, 2017 at 9:32 am // Reply

    so when’s he going to tell these turds he has the law on his side and to go pound sand

  8. Federal Judges are appointed by the President. Does that mean that they serve at the pleasure of the President too? and if that’s true, then why doesn’t President Trump just fire all the Obama appointees and appoint a new batch?

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