Another Democrat Involved In Taxpayer Scams Of Awan Pakistani Spy Ring

yvette clarke

The web of inappropriate and criminal acts surrounding the Awan spy ring and more than two dozen Democrat Congressmen and women continues to grow as investigators get further and further along in their probe.

New information about New York Democrat Congresswoman Yvette Clarke, shows that she made evidence that there was $120,000 worth of computer equipment “missing” from her office simply disappear by signing a false declaration that prevented the loss from coming up in a House-wide tracking system.

She was practicing the Democrat are of obstruction and cover up of her own crimes and that of the spies that she was providing with access to sensitive government information. She’s not quite as slick as Hillary Clinton or Slick Willie, and she doesn’t have the friends they do in high places to similarly make this problem disappear and to cancel the investigation. Too many eyes have seen it and the alternative media, particularly the Daily Caller, are making sure they can’t.

They reported that Rep Yvette Clarke’s chief of staff agreed to keep the lid on the heisted electronics in early 2016 and did so on behalf of two of the Awan spy ring members. At the behest of Abid Awan, the chief of staff signed the document, preventing the “missing” equipment from surfacing in the House tracking system.

The $120,000 figure represents a lot of electronics and is not the kind of thing that could be easily explained. If there was a breaking why was there no police report? If there was no break-in, how did it find its way off property in such a large number of items? Why did the employee responsible, the one who reported the loss, Abid Awan, remain on Rep Clarke’s payroll for months afterwards.

The Awan spies are suspected of working with an employee of CDW Government Inc, one of Capitol Hill’s largest technology providers, who altered invoices as a cover up to avoid being discovered by mechanisms intended to prevent such things from happening or to discover them if they did.

The Daily Caller has learned that investigators believe the goal of the scheme was to remove the equipment and sell it outside of Congress. It’s not likely that the hard drives would be erased before the equipment was sold, after all, it was what was contained on the hard drives that made it much more valuable.

They note that much of the equipment associated with the loss from Clarke’s office was iPhones and iPads. Calculating the value at $800 each, that is 150 electronic devices that somehow walked away from the office’s 16 employees. They sure are an absent-minded bunch in Clarke’s office.

A change in the chief of staff occurred at roughly the same time as the request for a write-off, and it is not publicly known which of the two, former chief of staff Shelly Davis, or replacement, Wendy Anderson had signed the cover up document. The current chief of staff, LaDavia Drane refused to say.

They also refused to comment as to why, following a loss of this magnitude, Abid Awan was kept on as an employee. It’s also not known if these scams were being perpetrated in any of the offices of the other Democrats who employed them.

Another scheme involving false invoicing by CDW would price more expensive items as micro purchases at just under the $500 limit and then inflate the cost of a service contract to recover the difference. Those electronics were then delivered to Imran Awan’s personal residence.

The signature of a House member or high-level staffer with financial responsibility would be required for each such transaction, raising the question of why it was allowed to continually happen, particularly in quantities way beyond the staffing levels of the office.

A member or high-level staffer with financial responsibility in the office would still have to sign a voucher for each such purchase, however, raising the question of how the office wouldn’t have noticed equipment was being purchased that never actually materialized at the office, and in quantities an office might not plausibly need.

The creative Awan spies are believed to have utilized the write-off scheme to remove items from tracking inventories, and the suspected service-plan maneuvers to prevent items from being added to the inventories in the first place.

Davis, Clarke’s prior longtime chief of staff, previously worked for Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas and for Rev. Jesse Jackson’s nonprofit. That should have been two good reasons to find somebody else and it’s undoubtedly going to lead to a search of Jackson Lee’s records.

This case could get really interesting and it already is a very serious breach of the Hillary Clinton type by other self-serving, anti-American opportunistic leeches in the Democrat Party. What trash they are.


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