Anonymous Warns Trump Must Lead, Take Urgent Action – True Existential Threat

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Sometimes a caricature in a Guy Fawkes mask and a robotic voice can make more sense than almost any of the real people in the Washington Swamp. That’s the case in this Anonymous video, which is a call for President Trump to aggressively lead the fight against our number one threat. It’s right on the money.

The answer to the quagmire of swamp muck that has gripped President Trump and stifled his promised action on several interconnected problems is spelled out by Anonymous in a new video, one which presents a logical view of the true nature of the terrorism problem and the corrective action that President Trump must take.

They open with a statement that, “The time is now, Mr. President, to get your administration under control and to move on key issues that got you elected,” naming immigration, tax reform, and “the growing Islamic insurgency in the West” as key issues. The spokesman describes the message that must be conveyed to the American people and the method, through a serious of televised addresses to the nation in prime time.

He notes that “No other generation of Western leaders would have allowed the Islamic insurgency to fester within their own countries for this long and still remain willfully blind to the existential threat within their midst. Yet here we are, in the aftermath of the third major terror attack in England and none of the Western leaders are willing to confront the truth.”

Anonymous says, “President Trump has come the closest to telling the truth but unless he shows leadership beyond Twitter and hires staff and appoints cabinet members who share his values, the discernible policy outcomes of this administration will remain materially the same. It’s time that we recognize that the problem confronting Europe, one that is also rapidly growing in America, is not terrorism. It’s not Islamic terrorism either. Terrorism is a tactic and the violent outcome of the problem.”

“The source of the problem,” he says, “is a subversive culture of Islamic supremacists that rejects American civilization and is endemic to many but not all Muslims. Not just a few. It is from this group that the deadly tactic of Islamic terror is cultivated. But if we tolerate the intolerant supremacist mindset and continue our suicidal immigration policies, we are merely chasing our tail, combating the ubiquitous and unstoppable terrorism that flows from cultivating this culture on our soil.”

He states, “This problem didn’t begin with ISIS. It’s been festering for several decades. At its core this is an immigration problem and second it’s a problem of the Muslim Brotherhood, Saudi Arabia, Turkey funding of Islamic insurrection on Western soil.  He notes that James Comey, while still FBI Director, stated there were over 2,000 active terrorist investigations inside the US and that over 300 were instances where the suspect was a “refugee.”

President Trump needs to make that case to the American people directly, in a series of prime time speeches while demanding action from Congress, he says and needs to become more active in a leadership role, surrounding himself with like-minded people, eliminating those who are resistant. His Presidency depends on it.

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7 Comments on Anonymous Warns Trump Must Lead, Take Urgent Action – True Existential Threat

  1. Josephine Marshall // June 17, 2017 at 5:19 am // Reply

    Mr. Wells:
    This whole mess is getting very frustrating. What can we do to help the President. I wish Mr. Gowdy would read your website stories. Maybe he could warn the President. Mr. Gingrich is another person that could help the President if he would read what you post. Let me know if there is a way to the information to either of them, PLEASE. Thank you, Josephine Marshall

    • I wish they would read me too Josephine – maybe they do, I keep hoping one day they’ll stumble upon the right message somewhere and decide it’s time to act like men, stand up to this despicable trash – we need to the trump to return.

  2. Thomas Oakley // June 11, 2017 at 8:58 pm // Reply

    Yes it hit the nail right on the head…….NOW if trumps so called advisors do not keep him from seeing it……..he just might wake up? Sure hope so. He better stop trying to get set up for 2020 and just do what HE said he would do before he was elected this time…..The future will take care of itself……Maybe he should set up a direct line to them since most of the time they have good advice…..and that is something he seems….NOT… be getting. O yes thank you for putting this out there….it just might wake some people up?

  3. I understand that. This is a brilliant article and I’m very happy you exposed this. I still watch Anonymous Global and one other whose name I forgot. BTW – I just checked and the video was taken down by Youtube. It’s the first time they took down an Anonymous video! Nevertheless, I transcribed everything on the video I gave you. Obviously, with all this fine work you are doing you DON’T need another issue. Keep us the great work you do. I love the way you write.

  4. Anonynous Official and AnonHQ were both called out by the original Anonymous group as being fakes. Anonymous – Calls Out Anonymous “Official” and AnonHQ – YouTube

    • thanks Marlene, without getting into the infighting between the factions or which one might be the genuine article that is hiding behind anonymity, the message of that video is spot on and that’s what I was interested in getting out there. I haven’t posted on of theirs since the campaign, but this one is spot on, message wise – maybe they need to come out and identify themselves so they’ve got ID, so that it’s not so easy to steal their identity. It works for the rest of us. But thanks for the info, regardless – who they are isn’t why I posted it up, I wish President Trump would watch it and take their recommendations.

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