Angel Moms Angered – Used As Props To Get Elected, Now Trump Turning His Back

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President Trump seemed always willing during his campaign to validate his own immigration enforcement credentials by standing next to parents whose children had been killed by illegal aliens, the “Angel Moms and Dads.”

He’d often let them speak at events, as we’ve all witnessed, all the while vowing his commitment and solidarity with them and us. It was effective – it helped get him elected. Now things are different. Now the real Donald Trump is emerging.

That was the old candidate and President Trump, the border enforcement version. Today’s Trump doesn’t have time to talk to them and he darn sure isn’t interested in their cause, their loss, their pain or preventing it from happening to other Americans. They’re coming to the stark realization that they were played, used as props by a cynical, calculating politician.

Angel Mom Mary Ann Mendoza was interviewed by Breitbart Radio host Raheem Kassam on Friday regarding the new stranger in the Oval Office, the Democrat President who supports illegal amnesty while promising a border wall “will eventually come.” We’re reminded he’s having maintenance done to existing stretches as supposed proof he’s committed to new construction. The attempted diversion is evidence only that he is not committed and he’s likely trying to pull a fast one.

Mrs. Mendoza is a cofounder of the group AVIAC (Advocates for Victims of Illegal Alien Crime). Her son, Brandon Mendoza, was a Mesa Arizona Police Sergeant who was killed in a head-on freeway collision by a wrong way, drunk illegal alien driver.

President Trump no longer shares her pain. He’s reveling in his new popularity with his new best friends “Chuck and Nancy.” And all of those folks at the media aren’t fake anymore. Now they’re honest reporters. Trump just needed to be corrected and controlled. Everything is wonderful in DC now. The swamp drained itself overnight.

Mendoza tells Kassam that AVIAC was formed because they “didn’t feel like the victims of illegal alien crime are being heard and that’s why we believed in President Trump, because he was the first person to ever bring our story to light in such a magnitude that he did.”

She continued, pointing out that more Americans are killed every year by illegal aliens than were killed on 9/11. She reveals how they were just in DC at Mitch McConnell’s office and were told by one of his staffers that it is their job to put pressure on Trump to raise media attention to two stalled pieces of legislation so that the cowardly sellout McConnell can bring them up. Clearly the legislation, passed by the House, Kate’s Law and No Sanctuary For Criminals Act, have gone to the Senate to die.

Mendoza says, “Here’s another thing that I’m really upset about. We were brought onto the stage because we believed in President Trump and the message he was sending out to our country and we told our stories and were there for him at rallies.”

She points out that illegal lobbyists groups are brought into roundtables and asked what they want, she and Americans like her are only good enough to be used as props.

Kassam interrupts to clarify, “You were used as props, you feel, right now?” Mrs. Mendoza replies, “That is what these last two days are making us feel like.”

A lot of us are feeling used right about now, and lied to, Mrs. Mendoza. And we’re standing with you.


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4 Comments on Angel Moms Angered – Used As Props To Get Elected, Now Trump Turning His Back

  1. Margaret.
    i myself have a SOFT HEART, but i am NOT SOFT HEADED.

  2. Margaret McConnell // September 16, 2017 at 7:03 am // Reply

    Mrs Mendoza and fellow members of AVIAC, Please do not become bitter. It’s not what you are thinking and feeling now..truly. I was quite upset on hearing the propaganda put out by Chuck and Nancy…Dems are SO good at it. Trump wants that wall badly and he will get it. His present actions are meant to shake up the RINOS who are so against him, especially the SPEAKER, PAUL RYAN, who has a continual conspiracy working to overthrow Trump, along with Mueller, the Special Consul, and of course, the Dems. Did you see Ryan today deliver a speech saying TRUMP had NOT agreed to all the DACA plus immigration battle, as the Dems used to try to drive Trumps base from him. Nothing else has been able to do it but this nearly did…then it hit me: spiritual warfare is humongous right now and the devil’s supreme ability to BLUFF and MISLEAD is operating fully. We must trust God. If Trump gets a bit off in the battle he’s waging now against the RINOS, THE DEMS, RYAN N MCCONNELL, God will pull him back on track and his true agenda WILL BE DONE., in spite of all appearances. All his base rose up along with you all, when Chuck tried to pull the wool over our eyes, until the president himself said “whoa, I did not make such a deal” and he even sent Ryan out to make that clear (bet Ryan hated doing that) Trump was very empathetic to your all’s pain and remains so. He does have a soft heart the Dems played on over DACA but he still wants Congress to make the law so that whatever is done is legal, not an Executive Order. And he WILL BUILD THAT WALL, come Hell or high water. Yet he can’t do it ALONE and Congress opposes it and him now. His agenda is being resisted heavily now. Note the protests and the behavior of this rotten Congress. When we vote OUT EVERY RINO, win seats from Dems (23 dem senate seats are up for grabs in 2018), get rid of Ryan as Speaker and Mitch as Majority Leader (18%approval), the president can THEN forge ahead with his agenda and he WALL will be built, h will cut drastically the # of Muslims being sent here by the UN, millions of illegals will b deported and good laws passed, with a strong Supreme Court (Trump will appoint at least 2-3 more) to rule over the lower, Obama-Appointed courts and stop this attack on American lives, culture, jobs, way of life! The president will need you again on his side then. Right now is a pause. He needs a decent Congress. And the support that will come. God put Trump in office, which accounts for so much evil attacking him. But God always wins in the end. As you suffer from Th loss of your children…I nearly lost mine to an illegal in a car’s hard to see or bear. But the greater part of America stands with YOU and we will win.

  3. i feel those folks are RIGHT, and we ALL HAVE BEEN USED AS I SEE THISE RIGHT NOW.

  4. It’s the old say whatever they want to hear, fool them, and keep using photo-ops to mind herd the fools. I feel like a class A fool.

    Looks like more managed opposition. GOP will blame the Dems, the Dems will blame Trump, and Trump will blame the GOP, and all 3 will get what they wanted all along.

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