Andrea Mitchell Physically Forced To Leave Like The Nobody She Is At State Dept

mitchell surrounded


Andrea Mitchell gets her beak all bent out of shape when she isn’t “properly acknowledged” as she rudely shouts questions to Secretary of State Tillerson who was hosting the Ukraine Foreign Minister. She conducts herself as if she believes she’s some sort of media royalty, entitled to behave like a BLM agitator in the office of the Secretary.

As the two men are shaking hands, Mitchell blurts out loudly and rudely, “Mr. Secretary, China has said there will be consequences for the deployment now of anti-missile defenses in South Korea. Can you, can you respond.” Of course he can, and it appears he’s chosen not to. The staffers can already be heard attempting to nicely shuffle the old bird out the door. They announce ‘thank you,’ the code words for “it’s time to leave,” and position themselves between the obstinate reporter and the Secretary.

As the staffers continue to herd the reporters out, Mitchell turns to the Ukrainian with a question that was clearly intended to provide ammunition for the leftists attacks along the fake Trump Russia collusion hoax. She shouts, “Mr. Minister are you sure the Trump administration will be strong against Vladimir Putin?” He ignores her as well.

This clearly ruffles the feathers of Mitchell, who shouts another question out, apparently for anyone who will respond, saying, “Can you assure us that Russia will not be able to move further into Ukraine. As she does so she moves to the right to avoid capture in a manner reminiscent of an old woman yelling at some neighbor kids to get off of her lawn.”

She’s eventually chased down by shorter woman in black, with her and the woman in the green dress combining to physically escort her out. Mitchell whines, “We haven’t had any time in here.” She finally accepts her fate and, sulking all the way, with an extra bit of sour on her mug, does as she’s been told and leaves.

Mitchell attempts to extract her revenge, though, in her snarky report afterwards. She shares the indignation she was just forced to endure with the spattering of libs at home receiving a portion of their daily garbage delivery. How dare the State Department not only refuse to cater to her, but accept a less prominent role than what she deems proper and tolerate being downsized. Bigger government is better; everybody should know that by now.

The State Department is probably a part of DC where she used to enjoy many contacts and have open access when her good friend and fellow globalist Hillary Clinton was running things. She was probably at home as well  with the like-minded John Kerry, and his staff. Now she’s being treated like the nobody she really and she doesn’t like it one bit.

She’s more than a little miffed that the State Department hasn’t been throwing the doors open to her and her ilk, that Tillerson has been doing business instead of getting his picture taken and making secret, self-serving and self-enriching deals. Apparently Tillerson and Trump don’t understand how to run a State Department the way it’s been done since Dwight Eisenhower. That’s got her flapping around, but a shakeup is just what the doctor ordered – and more is on the way.

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