Amazing – Union Leaders Pledge To Work With GOP President Trump

white house labor leaders


It’s not the kind of thing we’re accustomed to seeing or that any of us has likely seen before. A Republican President inviting Union Leaders into the White House for a meeting about his plans for putting America back to work is unique. What happened afterwards, it’s safe to say, is even more unheard of, to the point that it’s probably never happened before. Those union leaders came out following the meeting as a group, to a microphone that was set up for them to make a statement if they chose to do so. What happened next was surprising and not what anyone expected beyond, perhaps, President Trump.

One of the union leaders invited in spoke on behalf of the group, saying, “The President laid out his plans about how he’s going to handle trade, how he’s going to invest in our infrastructure, and how he’s going to level the playing field for construction workers and all Americans across this country. And then took the time to take everyone into the Oval Office and show them the seat of power in the world.”

He continued, “The respect that the President of the United States just showed us, and when he shows it to us he shows it to three million of our members, in the United States, was nothing short of incredible. And we will work with him and his administration to help him implement his plans on infrastructure, trade and energy policy, so that we really do put America back to work in the middle class jobs that our members and all Americans are demanding. Thank you very much.”

Cavuto takes note of what just happened, saying, “Alright, that’s fairly remarkable, you have a union leader there, singing the praises of a Republican President and giving the impression here that it is something that he had not seen or that group had not seen in quite some time.”

It is becoming readily apparent that, despite all of his other abilities, President Trump’s ability to lead and create consensus and a unanimity of purpose may be his greatest asset. This is incredible to watch.

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