AG Sessions Must Protect Patriot Free Speech – Fight Censorship, Discrimination Like Lynch Fought Us

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In peddling her typical leftist social engineering garbage, Loretta Lynch used the power of the Attorney General’s office to advance their agenda, irrespective of its constitutionality, often based simply upon a declaration of rights inherent by virtue of being different.

She carried the torch for her special interests, such as sexual, religious and skin color preferences, by targeting the majority of Americans as generic violators. Normal and common behavior automatically became discriminatory, privileged and hostile, offensive to the spirit of the United States Constitution. Former AG Lynch declared that transgender rights in the United States should be treated as a civil rights issue, placing it above much more relevant issues to the majority of Americans.

In promoting what many regular folks, the enemies of her perverted liberalism, find to be child abuse and highly offensive, Lynch said, “Families and doctors are rewriting the rules as they decide when and how to start medical intervention before transgender youth hit puberty.”

Painting her party’s insanity and assaults on decency and normalcy as progress she continued to advocate on behalf of “civil rights.” But her definition of civil rights isn’t excluded to what are rights or equal treatment of the rights of all Americans. In fact, she made it a practice to ignore some basic abuses of the rights endowed upon us by our Creator and which are codified and guaranteed in the Bill of Rights in the Constitution.

Lynch said, “We’ve made such great progress in so many areas of civil rights accepting people for who are they are,” adding, “And when you see that attempt to roll back that change through the use of the law, that’s exactly when the Department of Justice needs to step in.”

Patriots Are Being Silenced By Facebook, Choked Down And Sites Removed With Impunity

How about when it’s done by the official, government assisted and endorsed global and globalist run social media communications grid, of which the liberal-promoting, conservative-censoring speech Nazis of Facebook are the chief operatives and offenders?

Does the Department of Justice have an obligation to step in when the First Amendment rights to Freedom of Speech are trampled upon by what is in effect government-sanctioned, endorsed and assisted monopoly, operating in violation of anti-Trust laws in a discriminatory fashion against speech they don’t agree with? Is there nothing to prevent the largest communications platform in the world from violating the First Amendment through overt censorship, simply preventing people from being seen while falsely claiming it is being done in the interest of enhancing the user experience?

Would it have been acceptable to Lynch for non-white customers to be denied service at a lunch counter simply because the restaurant wanted to improve the user experience of its Caucasian patrons? It’s an erroneous argument she made and one that, now that she’s gone, needs to be corrected. Controlling the thoughts of the population isn’t justified by their contention that it’s what their customers want, particularly when their customers disagree. It’s a simple matter that the things conservatives think are not consistent with their re-education programming.

Now that Lynch is gone and replaced with a good, freedom-loving patriot, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, what would it take to convince him to turn the attention of his Civil Rights division to Facebook? Would AG Sessions be willing to open an investigation into the abuse of everyday patriots by this corrupt, anti-American, globalist reeducation shill corporation?

If Sessions And Trump Don’t Act, Soon The Only Speech That Will Appear Will Be “Leftist Approved”

Rather than marginal groups of people who may or may not have legitimate claims of discrimination, there is no question that the patriots of this nation are being silenced by Mark Zuckerberg’s thought controllers. The same people on the left who President Trump has recognized as fake news propagandists are involved in the suppression of opposing, American values and speech. Can we expect that these assaults on our liberty will receive comparable attention under President Trump and AG Sessions as the social justice agenda pushers garnered under Obama?

As time passes the ability to contact and interact among conservatives is being dramatically reduced through the infamous secret Facebook “Algorithms,” of censorship. They claim their secrecy is necessary for protection from abuse  but it is actually for their own protection, to prevent discovery or verification of their abuse and to allow them to perpetuate their crimes against the Constitution.

Ask any conservative writer, Mr. Attorney General, who relies upon Facebook for the generation of traffic or Google for search results and they’ll tell you exactly the same thing you’re reading here. We’d really appreciate our government going to bat for us, particularly after eight years of getting hit in the head with one. If you don’t, then the globalists may well win the war of words and God only knows where that would lead.

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  1. shirley roberts // April 14, 2017 at 12:18 pm // Reply

    We need to get our internet back from UN, Obummer had no right to give away what wasn’t his to give. And Zucky needs a lesson on what being a traitor to our country means and what the consequences are for it.

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