AG Sessions Too Much, Too Positive For George Stephanopolous And His Liberal Agenda

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions made an appearance on the program of Democrat operative George Stephanopoulos, ABC this Weak [sic] on Sunday. Sessions and the administration are finding ways to get things done in spite of the Democrats best efforts, and that seems to have George a little on edge. Little George’s job is to attack and diminish, find fault and in general just make President Trump, his administration and Cabinet officials look bad. He does his best.  


AG  Sessions didn’t make it easy on the boy, though, saying, “I know one thing, we need that wall, it’ll help us complete the promise that the President has made to the American people. That’s what they want, the American people have a right to expect it, and I believe Congress will eventually deliver.”

Stephanopoulos asked one of his prepared, specially crafted gotcha questions, “As you know it’s not just the Democrats who are opposed to the wall, the Wall Street Journal reports that not a single member of the House or the Senate from the border states would commit to funding the wall. None of the four Republican Senators in the border states, so he has a problem with his own party there.”

Really, twerp, you cite John McCain, Jeff Flake and John Cornyn as Republicans as if we weren’t aware they are bought and sold establishment RINOs? Flake and McCain were for amnesty as part of the gang of eight. We’re not supposed to remember that? As for Ted Cruz, we’ll have to hear it from his mouth; yours dispenses fake news and half truths.  


He tries to pin a hypothetical government shutdown on President Trump, but in all fairness, the blame in 2013 for the Obamacare shutdown went to the minority party obstructing the majority and to Ted Cruz as the point man. If you swamp rats in the media have any credibility, which is doubtful, you’ll apply the same standard to the President as you did back then to Harry Reid and blame the opposition, Schumer, Durbin and Pelosi.

Sessions completely ignores Georgie’s obvious trap, and instead focuses on the improvements at DHS under General Kelly and the 180 degree reversal in previous record low morale and the improved performance in national security. While everybody in the opposition wants to focus on the wall’s initial costs, Sessions reminds Stephanopoulos that it will save us billions of dollars through reduced drugs and humans entering illegally.

Snarky little George says, “You sound quite confident right there, do you have any evidence that Mexico is going to pay for it? Sessions replies, “Well, we’re going to get it paid for one way or the other,” noting there’s four billion dollars a year in excess payments that go to illegal Mexicans through the tax system. That’s a good place to look, for starters. Of course Stephanopoulos can’t imagine it working, but he’s not being paid not to be optimistic about our future.


He dismisses the idea that Mexico will pay for the wall, challenging AG Sessions as to whether he’s been made such assurances by his counterparts in Mexico. Sessions teaches “no nuance” George a lesson, if he’s still capable of learning in that liberal wasteland between his ears, saying he doesn’t expect them to appropriate money but that is far from the only way of securing Mexican payment for the fence.

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