AG Sessions To Bone-Gnawing Cur Harris, “If I Don’t Qualify It You’ll Accuse Me Of Lying”

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Referring to Senator Kamala Harris as a nasty hag is complimentary language when taken against the context of her actions. She qualifies for a much more profane two-word description that rhymes with both components of the “witch hunt” that she is currently engaged in along with her equally vile Democrat comrades.

Senator Sessions is a good guy, an honest man, and as such is in some ways at a disadvantage when going up against the do anything, say anything, combative smear merchants such as Harris. He still manages to hold his own, showing himself to be a man of character and Harris, that her typical overly aggressive, hostile “thank God I’m not married to that” self.

Since they all know there is nothing legitimate to the Russia investigation, it’s clear her purpose in being there and in grilling the Attorney General is to diminish him publicly, force him to make a commitment such as the disastrous recusal under duress, badger him into perjuring himself somehow or into a statement that could later be intimated as not truthful and dishonest or of bad-intent. Of course there’s the grand prize all of the Democrats are hoping for, that he would say something that sends them off in a merry chase of some wrongdoing, whether or not it actually existed, something that would keep this destructive idiocy going for months longer.

Harris failed on all counts. She employed her typical abusive style, with one noteworthy exchange being when she was delivering rapid fire questions to the Attorney General and got impatient with the amount of time it took him to answer. She told him, “Sir, sir, I have just a few  minutes.” Sessions responds, “Well you let me qualify it, if I don’t qualify it you’ll accuse me of lying. So I need to be correct as best I can and I’m not able to be rushed this fast. It makes me nervous.”

“Witch Hunt” Harris then goes on to raise her voice at the witness, the Attorney General, chastising him for not reviewing legal materials she felt he should. Sessions adopts the same frustrated “sit and wait until she shut’s up” posture that General John Kelly, Admiral Mike Rogers, and Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein have all been driven to in their encounters with the Obama Soros hench-woman.

Finally the chairman steps in to once again engage in an insistence on civility from the junkyard cur turned Senator. Sessions showed class; Harris showed her ass. This is becoming a regular occurrence. She needs a visit from Mitch McConnell and maybe a gavel in the chops.

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7 Comments on AG Sessions To Bone-Gnawing Cur Harris, “If I Don’t Qualify It You’ll Accuse Me Of Lying”

  1. Harris is a putrid swamp critter, but, Warner and Wyden are worse.

  2. Shirley Freeland // June 14, 2017 at 8:37 am // Reply

    These people sure have a double standard. They let the past administration get away with treason time and again and then they nit pick Republicans who have done nothing wrong. Our Country wouldn’t be in the shape it’s in right now if they had done their job during the past 8 years. It’s totally unbelievable how they are trying to make a crime out of everything honest Republicans say and do when crimes for the past 8 years were committed almost on a daily basis by the Democrats and they supported them.

  3. I watched this thing all the way through, and there were only three people in the whole thing who treated Sessions with the respect he deserved. But he did an admirable job, and they were shut out as usual. Yay AG Sessions!!!

  4. Kelleigh Nelson // June 14, 2017 at 7:25 am // Reply

    Well, thanks for this Rick, I wrote an entire comment and then my rotten POS windows 10 decided to delete it by losing connection…typical. I was proud of our AG today…what a great southern gentleman. Had I been there, I’d have been spewing invectives against these filthy lying leftists who know good and danged well there is nothing here. Gawd, what a nightmare our AG lived through today!

  5. For all honorable USA citizen city folks that have not seen a horse’s ass, the opportunity for you has arisen. Just view Kamala Harris.

  6. Deplorable Doctor // June 14, 2017 at 7:12 am // Reply

    Kamala “Harry” Harris is such a waste of taxpayer money!

  7. I heard part of this exchange in the car today and didn’t know who the ignorant beotch was. I should have known it was A.A. Harris.

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