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In an interview with the Weekly Standard, Steve Bannon shared his less-than-optimistic view of the status of the Trump administration today and moving forward.

Now free to speak his mind without the shackles of White House protocol, a chain of command and neocon, globalists restraining him, Bannon said, ominously, “The Trump Presidency that we fought for and won is over.”

He continued, “We still have a huge movement and we will make something of the Trump Presidency, but that Presidency is over…I think they’re going to try to moderate him.” It’s natural that he’s got a negative opinion of those he’s been battling inside the White House and their impact on the administration. That’s why he was battling in the first place and fighting the globalists who seem to have won out. Everyone expected, after his comments to the American Prospect, regardless of his motivations, that his days and perhaps his hours were numbered.

One of the talking heads that is celebrating Bannon’s departure, Katie Frates, editor of the Daily Caller, says sarcastically, “I mean, darn, I guess, that the presidency is over from what it was when they [not we] won, it hasn’t been going well. People have been getting fired left and right, he had a horrendous press conference at Charlottesville, I don’t think it’s a bad thing that Bannon’s gone and perhaps that old Presidency is dead. And you have John Kelly in the White House doing his job and moderating things.” It seems she wasn’t a big Bannon fan – maybe she likes McMaster, Powell and the other globalists he leaves behind better.

Nick Adams, author of “Retaking America” has a less cynical evaluation of the American President, saying he remains “unswervingly convinced that this is going to be a very successful Presidency, perhaps the best ever, maybe it’s the eternal optimist in me. I know that a lot of different things have been happening and there seems to be this perpetual shake up that’s going on, but I think that we are seeing very promising signs.”

He says, “I think that the best things of this Trump Presidency aren’t being reported on, aren’t being concentrated on and as a result we’re kind of talking about things that really don’t need to have that much air.”

David Asman asks if the leftists will double down now that they’ve been given Bannon’s scalp, to the point of being a laughing stock, as if they have any credibility now to begin with. Frates says they’re well on their way, noting that the Democrats are covering up their short comings in policy and organization by focusing on President Trump, telling big lies in the process and that it will come back to haunt them.

Asman points out that the rudderless Democrats will have a statement from communist Bernie Sanders on Monday advocating full-blown socialist medical care, and that Elizabeth Warren will be compelled to follow suit after that, noting that the Dems are becoming to the left and extreme that most Americans will dismiss them. The only Australian in the discussion, Adams, shares his view and expands, saying, “I couldn’t agree with you more, David, the Democrats have got more problems than a math book right now.”

He says, “When it comes to every single American value that I think mainstream America holds dear, the progressives in the Democrat Party, which Elizabeth Warren says are the heart and the soul of the Party, they’re wrong on every issue.”

“It should be E Pluribus Unum not multiculturalism,” says Adams, “it should be equality of opportunity not equality of outcome, it should be individualism not collectivism, God not government, faith not secularism, life not death. They are all the things that America has been about and the Democrat Party has got every single one of those values upside down, topsy-turvy, and that’s why I don’t think they’re going to be very successful.”

Asman moves on to the topic of Imran Awan and the dozens of Democrats that enabled their family’s spy ring. Her Daily Caller led on that story, covering it long before any other major outlets did and to a greater degree. It’s the Democrat spy ring, Asman, they’re not just anti-American in their politics. The Dems are anti-American in every way possible, espionage, as Hillary Clinton has vividly demonstrated, is part of the package.

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