Acoustic Analysis Of Bullet Strikes Vs Rifle Report Prove Second Vegas Shooter Location

mike adams second las vegas shooter

Health Ranger Mike Adams changes hats to make a scientific acoustic analysis of the shots fired during the Mandalay Bay massacre and he came up with what he offers as strong evidence that a second shooter was present and engaged in the attack.

He presents his evidence and his method for arriving at that determination and invites law enforcement, particularly the FBI to use what he developed or contact him for more information.

Adams is an avid shooter himself, who happens to be armed during the presentation, so he’s familiar with the behavior and function of firearms. He calculated the difference between the sound of the .223 rounds hitting the pavement and the subsequent report to determine the distance from which they were fired.

It’s not unlike counting the seconds between a lightning flash and the associated thunder to determine its distance away. He came up with a chart listing times and distances from the various videos and determined that there were two shooters. One of them matches the distance from the Mandalay Bay Casino to the concert grounds of between 425 to 475 yards.

The other sound difference indicates a distance of approximately 250 yards away, which places him somewhere other than at Mandalay Bay. Adams draws a circle with a radius of 250 yards from the fairgrounds and comes up with three locations that provide the clear line of sight necessary for the shot to be fired consistent with his findings.

He recommends that the FBI investigate those locations, two of them buildings and one a mound of dirt, as shown on Google Maps. He also recommends that the FBI gather up the various videos from the night of the incident and perform the same calculations and analysis that he just did in order to determine precisely the location through triangulation, determining the points of intersection and overlap between other videos.

He goes on to remind us that many of those at the concert and police as well reported a second shooter that night. He asks if the police and FBI have matched up the expended brass to the number of rounds believed to have been fired or to the sound recordings evidence. If the numbers don’t match up, maybe they should be looking for them on that 250 yard radius. They might want to do that right now.

Why was the FBI so anxious to declare a single shooter. What is on that video that he supposedly had set up to record his own actions? Why, once again, are they dismissing the witness statements that disagree with their working theory?

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6 Comments on Acoustic Analysis Of Bullet Strikes Vs Rifle Report Prove Second Vegas Shooter Location

  1. I found this analysis to be very interesting. Not sure if Mike used acoustic/sound filters to exclude sounds in order to develop the analysis; but this can be done to identify the frequencies of sound from the cell phones recordings.
    In addition, to quantify/qualify the one vs two shooter theory, and since all of the bullets did not hit/penetrate flesh, visual evidence of the concrete in the vicinity of the victims will invariably show the trajectories of the bullets based on the bullet impacts and the ricochet patterns left on the concrete.

  2. This analysis is good. But not great. It’s based on an assumption. That being that your hypothetical second shooter was also shooting 55 he .223 Remington. We have heard that there were over a dozen weapons in the room that Paddock was shooting from. Isn’t it possible that one of them was shooting rounds with a different ballistic cooeffecient? Also your distance of the second shooter is predicated by the assumption that it was 55gr .223. To many assumptions for me to get excited about this analysis. Am I missing something?

  3. Dr Rolland Kerr // October 11, 2017 at 8:07 pm // Reply

    When anybody as Corrupt as James Comey leads the FBI, we know to believe Nothing from the FBI!

  4. Grace Reeves // October 11, 2017 at 1:55 pm // Reply

    Thank you for the analysis that questions the FBI & CIA’s criminal intent to collude in a mass crime.

  5. The FBI knows all about that stuff, the only reason nothing gets done about the second shooter may be because the guy at the FBI that turns on the calculator may have the flue and has been absent.

  6. just like when then President Kennedy was MURDERED IN DALLAS.
    here they come with the SINGLE SHOOTER AGAIN.

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