CNN Propagandist ACOSTA CALLED OUT Face To Face At Trump Rally

CNN propagandist Jim Acosta got a taste of the disdain American patriots have for him when a rally attendee and Trump supporter took Acosta on, first pretending to admire him…

jim acosta

Jim Acosta will likely remember the face of the guy, an Internet celebrity of sorts known as “Baked Alaska,” who caught him off guard and made him look like a fool on video. That’s something Acosta prefers to reserve for himself.

At a Wednesday Trump rally in Los Angeles, Acosta was in attendance, doing his usual fake news propagandizing, when he was spotted on the fringe of where some of the attendees were gathered, apparently both pro-Trump and leftist trash were in the same area.

Alaska spotted Acosta and approached him, saying, “Hey, is it Jim Acosta?” Acosta looks up from his phone, greeting what he mistook for a fan, saying, “Hi, how ya doing, yeah.”

He sets up the verbal sucker punch, saying, “Nice to meet you, I’m a big fan.” That should have been a warning to Acosta. He doesn’t have any big fans. Alaska when on to ask a stupid question, saying, “CNN, right?” Any big fan wouldn’t need to ask the network of the face of fake news. Egos can sometimes cloud one’s awareness and nobody has a more over-inflated opinion of himself than Acosta.

Making courteous small talk, Acosta starts talking about a “small scuffle there,” to which Alaska asks, “What happened, some people fighting?” Acosta tells him, “I think so and attempts to cut things short by leaving.”

Alaska sees that their conversation is coming to an end, telling Acosta, “I just wanted you to know, I appreciate what you do.” Acosta thanks him with a big smile. Then he adds the second part of the sentence, “and you’re fake news.” The smile disappeared but caustic and stunned Acosta still thanked him.

Don’t mention it, Jim; anytime.

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