ACLU Launches New Phase Of Agitation In Advance Of Obama Return

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On Saturday the Associated Press did their part in promoting the subversive efforts of their comrades in the leftist opposition, publishing what amounts to an advertisement for the latest campaign of the anti-Americans at the ACLU. They describe it as a “nationwide training event to make people aware of their rights as protesters.” That’s not exactly right, it’s a recruiting event for open borders pro-invasion agitators that they claim will be live streamed to all fifty states.

In the propaganda piece that introduces the prospective agitator recruit to their organization and their latest campaign against the President and white Americans, the ACLU’s website has a decidedly feel and look. The raised commie fists at the top left have a vintage commie Castro-Hitler-Lenin look to them, complete with the fingerprints of George Soros.

Their lies and distortions begin immediately, with the first sentence repeating the falsehood that the anti-terrorism based halt to the Muslim invasion component of the repopulation of America with non-Christians and non-whites is a Muslim ban. While many would have no problem with an actual Muslim ban, in view of how corrosive their intrusion into Western societies has proven, that is not what the executive order is. Muslims still come into the country from other places every day, just not the ones most likely to kill us and our families.

The ACLU speaks in opposition to Americans controlling our borders and standing up to their occupation.They claim victory over President Trump in defeating his original executive order and pledge to be victorious again, on the “Muslim ban” as well as “on countless other aspects of his unconstitutional and un-American agenda.” Defending America is un-American as is acting within the law after the last 8 years under a leftist dictator. Open borders and a diminished American people is the America they want to see.

They celebrate the communist manipulation of the US political system in 1919 to frustrate the efforts of the Palmer Raids. Those raids by Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer were intended to cleanse the very vermin that became the ACLU from our shores and streets. While some communists were expelled, our own judicial process was used to thwart America’s self-defense efforts. That methodology became the model and those who remained the founding members of the agitator organization.

Their website states, “In November 1919, when thousands of people were — unconstitutionally and without warrant — rounded up and deported by the U.S. Attorney General, he used the cover of irrational fear to ignore our Constitution and take away the basic freedoms afforded to all people, much like President Trump does today.” What the heck, if it worked then, maybe it’s worth another try.

Their unfounded assertion, that President Trump is supposedly taking away basic freedoms is never substantiated but it is worth noting that there is no basic right to immigrate to the United States or for non-citizens to remain. Maybe Soros’s ACLU thugs are confusing their beloved bastion of freedoms, the Communist Manifesto, with our Constitution.

They make their pitch for membership in the new Obama / Soros communist movement, saying, “Now, in response to the unprecedented threat of President Trump’s attack on our basic freedoms, the ACLU is recruiting grassroots activists like you to organize actions in your community in support of our civil liberties.

Faiz Shakir, the ACLU political director, is quoted as saying, “People have known us for, ‘See you in court,’ I hope now they’ll also know us for, ‘See you in the streets.’” Careful, Faiz, dogs roaming wild in the streets get picked up by the dog catcher, who locks them up in little boxes. The Obama DOJ was infested with ACLU cockroaches like Faiz, not the least of which was Vanita Gupta, Loretta Lynch’s attack dog. She was Deputy Legal Director of ACLU before being recruited to harass local governments, police departments and white people in general by Lynch and Obama. While she was flushed out of the executive branch with the rest of the Obama excrement, she most certainly is still involved in stirring the swamp effluent.

They’re announcing what they call the ACLU’s Freedom Cities campaign, described as a response to his “mass deportation agenda,” claiming it is the first of many battles that are coming our way. They’re planning to demonstrate in our communities to “make it more difficult for President Trump to pursue his dangerous agenda.” 

They make a pitch for “local grassroots activists” to join their ranks. Soros has a lot of money, but even he can’t afford to put every malcontent radical, America-hating racist thug on his payroll. They argue, “In addition to public demonstrations of support like protesting, we need to go on offense in a way that is strategic and has lasting effect. To achieve this, the ACLU has outlined nine “model” state and local law enforcement policies and rules which — if adopted — in “Freedom Cities” throughout the nation, will protect our families and our neighbors’ families from some of the worst abuses of the Trump administration.

They propose a nine point set of rules to obstruct the cleansing of the lawbreakers from our streets, which is basically nine different ways to limit cooperation with the lawful enforcement of the immigration laws of this country. They propose that local governments be pressured by their newly recruited radicals to adopt these policies.

They stop just short of saying, “And don’t worry about being so ignorant or stupid,” as they reassure their recruits that it’s enough to just trust them and do as they’re told. They state, “As a volunteer organizer you don’t have to understand all the ins and outs of the legal language to advocate for these policies and rules. What you need to know and advocate for is that these are the policies and rules for law enforcement that the ACLU has determined our cities, towns and counties need to protect Muslims, immigrants and refugees from some of the worst abuses of the Trump administration.

They then state that “Every local campaign will get started in the same way – by using your March 11 Action Events to organize meetings with local law enforcement officials.” We can imagine it is now only a matter of days before the reemergence of Hussein Obama and his shadow leftist government organization, OFA goes fully mainstream. Are you ready, Jake Tapper? Are your lines memorized?

Mr. Attorney General, please find the time in your busy schedule to arrest George Soros before this cancerous communist organization grows into a full blown malignancy. You need to finish the noble work started by AG Palmer almost 100 years ago and if you can, finish off the ACLU.


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    Such a fun read, Rick!

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