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Hello fellow patriots,

Welcome to Rick Wells.us  We, as most Americans who are paying attention, are aware that the United States of the past if rapidly fading. The freedoms and the rights that we used to take for granted as our birthrights are under attack.

The very enemies, foreign and domestic, which were foretold by the founding fathers are at work to subvert our Constitution and turn the United States into a socialist authoritarian Hellhole.

The complicit media and complacent population are the two means through which this destruction is made possible. We, the regular, everyday Americans here as all across this nation, won’t stand idly by as the nation we love is torn out from under our feet. We want to leave the good ole USA for our kids. Not a shabby, in name only, cheap imitation that is a mere shadow of our former greatness.

Thank you for being here.

We glad you found us.

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Rick Wells