One of ABC’s many snooty propagandists, Matthew Dowd, stated a falsehood so large there’s no way it was an accident. He and his fellow panelist know the Iran deal…

matt dowd

One would expect that Matthew Dowd, ABC’s chief political analyst, would know that the Iran deal was not a treaty, as treaties require ratification by the United States Senate. The Obama-Kerry-Jarrett giveaway to the terrorist nation instead went through a contorted process involving multiple failures to vote down the deal in the Senate which provided political cover for the Jihadis of the Obama regime and which was used as a backhanded approval for Obama’s fiat implementation.

Not only is this known to Dowd, but it is also common knowledge for the rest of the supposed experts on the panel, all of whom remained silent, failing to correct their fellow libtard propagandist. In what can only be described as a deliberate lie intended to mislead their audience, Dowd said twice during his turn in front of the camera that the deal, which was sealed only with a handshake and never signed by any party involved, was a treaty.

He said, “Who would have guessed that the first one to violate that treaty would be us and not Iran? I mean we’re the first one in violation of this treaty.” That might be a point that the globalist puppet would consider as an argument against the deal, if he were anything other than a mouthpiece of the left. It was bad for the US and good for our “death to America” enemies, a fact that President Trump has made that clear was his motivation for leaving. Dowd’s supposed witty point is meaningless and wrong.

He then takes some underhanded swipes at both John Bolton and Benjamin Netanyahu, saying he thought he was in a “Back to the Future” movie, equating their comments on this deal with the Iraq war. He says we’ve been to this rodeo before, but there was no DIY nuclear agreement or delivery missile program with Iraq. In fact, aside from the geography for his own personal rodeo and the two parties Dowd chose to include in his lazy “Brokeback Mountain” metaphor, nothing is the same.

He says it feels like we’re going to the same place again. If so, that’s not the fault of President Trump. Hussein Obama and John Kerry set us on this course by snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory, doing everything within their power to sustain the Iranian regime. Sanctions had crippled Iran and the citizens were in hot and cold revolt. Trump is merely taking the unearned victory our enemies scored under the Islamic Jihadist in the White House away from them.

Dowd is an ass, a lying globalist sack of garbage who is posing as a journalist and deliberately misleading members of the public with no accountability from the network that gives him the platform to do so, ABC.  Just like the rest of the globalists he supports the destruction of American sovereignty, the expansion of the global caliphate and it’s attack on American values and Christianity.

That might be the “Back to the Future” connection he’s replaying, what is really a revisiting of the deception and underhanded anti-American dealings of the foreign impostor who manipulated his way into the White House prior to the election of President Trump. Trump’s just putting things back in order, cleaning up the mess the illegitimate dictator left to him.

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