85,000 Italians Applied For Just 30 Jobs, As Thousands Of Refugees Keep Pouring In

italy refugees

What bizarre, self-destructed idiocy this globalism is that has co-opted the governments of this planet. As Italy reels from 13,500 African invaders showing up in just two days last week and overwhelmed local officials demand that the ports of other nations be opened to the same ruinous invading hordes, the people continue to suffer, the Africans continue to come.

The question is for how long this will continue, will the Italian people reach a point where the finally stand against the EU generated destruction? Will they force their government officials to act in their interests rather than those of a destructive foreign population transfusion?

A new report shows just how dire the situation is. 85,000 people have applied for just thirty new positions with a local bank, almost 3,000 applicants for each spot. That means that approximately 85,000 people will be told no and be sent back home to continue to compete with their fellow Italians and their new unwelcome guests for the ever decreasing supply of whatever jobs might be available.

Many of those positions, particularly the manual labor jobs, will be taken by foreigners willing to work for very little, exacerbating the problem. Their government, in cooperation with the elites, is killing the middle class by importing a slave class to work in its place.

Youth unemployment is near 40%, with overall unemployment near 11%. There’s no indication as to whether those figures employ the same disguises used by the American government to produce statistics that belie the seriousness of the problem. Do long term unemployed simply get dropped from their calculations as is done here? Is the situation actually worse?

Those thirty positions were not top dollar jobs, they were deputy assistant jobs with an annual salary of 28,000 Euros or roughly $31,800. They are mundane positions that include many uninteresting functions, such as feeding bills into a machine to verify they are not counterfeit or too worn out to be used. Many of those applying were looking for the secure, long term employment that a government position provides.

The Telegraph UK notes, “Securing a steady job-for-life with ample benefits and a generous pension, usually in the public sector, has been the ambition of millions of Italians for decades.  Rigid labor laws mean that once an employee is taken on, it is very hard for a company to get rid of them, no matter how lazy or incompetent they might be.”

So with stiff competition of this nature for the good, permanent jobs, and high unemployment, one might wonder why the Italian government is allowing Africans free entry into their nation. It’s because their government, while no longer technically theirs, also no longer acts in their own interest. They do what the EU says, and that globalist organization wants to destroy all nations and more importantly, all nationalism.

Then their loyalty will be to the EU and Italy, France, Germany and other once sovereign nations will become mere regions on a map. They will simply be geographic areas subject to the world government; regions that are shadows of their former sovereign selves.


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  2. You have to give the pizza loving Italians credit that they do not know how the cookie crumbles. Poor Italians, not even a crumb left.

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