A $10 Million “White-Free” Student Center Isn’t Enough, Black Radicals Want More

black michigan radicals


The coddling, appeasement and endorsement of radicals by American institutions of higher indoctrination and their practice of regularly submitting to their demands has had predictable results. The frequency of disruptions, the outrageousness of the demands and the level of vitriol they spew continue to increase. They’re capitalizing on their own racism, leveraging it with the thriving climate of intimidation. As long as it’s not white people engaging in racist conduct, it continues to be rewarded with the public’s money and the extension of “colored privilege.”

At the University of Michigan, a black student radical group, “Students4Justice,” is demanding that they be provided with “a permanent designated space on central campus for black students and students of color to organize and do ‘social justice’ work.”

Justice, as they define it, means black privilege, them getting some type of skin-tone-based benefit. Students4Justice, has increased the level of their disturbances this month in an effort to pressure administrators into doing what they invariably do, succumbing to their demands.

The pandering university is already constructing a new $10 million “crackers-free” center for black students in the middle of the campus. That’s not good enough, the group claims, apparently not wanting to share their “black racists only” space with their brown racist counterparts. They argued, “we want a space solely dedicated to community organizing and social justice work specifically for people of color.” We understand they’re not in college to actually learn anything, just to get a degree, but how much space do these intellectual giants need to compose moronic chants and map out a march route?

Their demand letter states, “We want documentation of past, current, and future student activism and this should be a permanent space that is staffed, and has resources for students to organize and share resources.” So they want a whiners wall of fame, so they can always be remembered for the spoiled, bigoted brats that they are, and secretaries, people to bring them coffee, call them “Mr.” and put threatening, racist letters in front of them to sign. They want to feel like the big shots they’ll never be in the real world.

Maybe they’ll get lucky and land a job as riot starters for Obama at OFA or Soros at BLM or a job doing nothing as a government employee. That’s what a Michigan social justice degree qualifies them for. They included a vague and arbitrary demand to have “resources so they can share resources,” or stuff so they can share stuff – My dog left some resources in the yard this morning, consider it your stuff and you’re welcome to share.

The Michigan Review, an independent student news outlet, first reported on the demands, writing, ‘The same organization that criticizes the University for failing to create ‘an environment that engages in diversity, equity and inclusion,’ is calling upon the University to undermine these ideals by facilitating a sort of de facto segregation? One where space and resources are designated for students based solely on the color of their skin?”

“To advocate for the ideals of diversity, equity and inclusion, while simultaneously calling upon the University to sanction these spaces on campus is both unprincipled and laughably regressive.”

That’s very true; it exposes the fact that the parasites don’t really believe any of the crap they’re laying down. They recognize racism as a tool by which “resources” can be accumulated and their stature increased, so they are exploiting it. Their own words expose them for the racist, anti-white, opportunistic hypocrites that they are.

Their wish list includes other vague, poorly-crafted and barely intelligible demands, such as more support for “marginalized” students “when oppressive attacks occur,” increasing the affirmative action of “black, Arab, and other poc” in tenured faculty, more readily alerting students on campus of “bias incidents,” as well as the standard increased financial aid for low income students.

It’s great to not be attending college, to not be exposed to this type of ignorance and entitlement on such a grand scale. Good luck with recruiting, Michigan. Unless you put a stop to this nonsense now, you’re only inviting more of it. That means fewer real students and more of this trash attending to get their major in social justice, conducting incessant attacks against the system, and seeking for themselves a spot on their wall of black radical infamy. 



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