White Folks Gonna Have To Give Up Stuff, Sacrifice – For Black Lives Matter

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With arguments consistent with those of the race-baiters Hussein Obama and Eric Holder, Black Lives Matter co-founder Marissa Johnson blames white people for everything that’s wrong with her life. When she can’t deal with reality it’s because her reality is too hard. There are lots of white people going hungry; her life seems to be much easier than theirs. She doesn’t want a real reality, she wants a separate, on demand, “more fair reality,” crafted for her by a redistributive Marxist government.

White People Are To Blame And This Commie Wants To Take Their Stuff

She claims that it is white people who are to blame for creating the conditions that “require” a phrase like black lives matter. It’s not because the phrase “I’m getting up off my whiny, lazy butt and gonna stop feeling sorry for myself” was already taken, it’s because they want something for nothing. Work involves eh…work.


The over-acting agitator asks, “Do you know what I’d give to live in a world where I didn’t have to say black lives matter? Do you know how horrific it is to grow up as a child in a world that so hates you that you have to literally say to other people, ‘my life matters?’” She mocks a response of the “white people” saying that every life matters and then complains that blacks are being shot in the streets or being rounded up and mass incarcerated.

Hang on there drama queen, with the most minute number of possible exceptions, nobody is being gunned down in the streets that isn’t drawing or brandishing a weapon at a police officer. What is happening with great frequency is a black individual, whose lives only matter when there’s a cop exterminating it, is killed by another black individual.

As for mass incarcerations, that is just a lie. Every person incarcerated has a court appearance and most of those are in fact guilty of committing a crime. There are victims whose lives matter more, who didn’t create the situation, who pay for the criminal conduct of those she defends and makes excuses for.


Sixty Minutes plays a video of their guest behaving quite rudely. It’s no wonder nobody liked her when she was growing up. The hatred people hold for her appears to be justified and be well earned. As she interrupted an event hosted by communist Bernie Sanders, the twisted agitator declared, “I was going to tell Bernie how racist this city is, filled with its progressives, but you already did it for me.”

Rudeness and disruption are not going to ingratiate her with any crowd. Race has nothing to do with it. They’re responding to her rudeness and insulting behavior. The Marxist agitator responds to the Scott Pelley assertion that Sanders is far left by saying that he’s “left for white folks.” Everything is about racism with this communist, that’s her means to the redistributive end she’s going after.

Johnson says that to get what she wants “we have to look completely outside of the system.” She says that she is trying to wake black voters up to their power within the Democrat Party and to the fact that they are being taken advantage of.

If they would simply stop identifying as black and simply vote based upon what is best for the country, they would not be able to be manipulated. Their own racism and desire for free stuff and preferential treatment is what is allowing the Democrats to control them. Johnson is simply offering more of the same, with a bit of Al Sharpton-style extortion thrown in for good measure.

She spells it out, saying, “What it’s gonna take to dismantle white supremacy is white folks actually got to give up something,” bringing out her first smile of the interview.  She continues, saying, “You have to actually sacrifice yourself. You have to be willing to give up the things that you currently benefit from.

How about we just chip in and buy the perpetually butt-hurt victim of life a plane ticket to Cuba? Maybe that will give her a perspective on just how bad things were in the US. Her definition of horrific might change a bit, given a new context.

I’m Rick Wells – a conservative writer who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. I’m not PC; I call it like I see it. – Please SUBSCRIBE in the right sidebar at http://RickWells.us or http://constitutionrising.com to receive our posts directly. Thank You – Rick Wells.

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64 Comments on White Folks Gonna Have To Give Up Stuff, Sacrifice – For Black Lives Matter

  1. This stupid idiot ignores she’s AT LEAST 1/2 white. In fact I would say she’s got very little black genes in her.

    • These people are not stupid, it’s much worst then that…. They know the truth and they don’t care… it’s a game that they love to play. And will continue to play as long as they see it works. This comes from being taught and raised to be a victim… it is the by-product for having a victim mentality with education…and not taught personal responsibility. “finding a cause to blame someone” is a common approach to deny responsibility.

    • Rick, while I agree wholeheartedly with a large segment of your article, I will take issue with one point. The incarceration rate is disproportionate. In Missouri, the African-American population account for 13% of total population, yet they account for nearly 50% of the penal population. Yes many of them are justly convicted and are truly guilty. However, there are numerous incarcerated citizens who were victims of corrupt political officials, judges, and lawyers. Lady Justice is not blind as she is supposed to be and Judges granting Affluent White citizens very lenient sentences shows just how bias Lady Justice is, through the corruption of Judges with hidden agendas…2 cases shock common sense and decency…TX teen too rich to know his actions were wrong and in Columbia, MO teen girl given 2 years Probation for fatal accident. If it would have been poor people in these scenarios, see you in 7 years. That is the issue, but they are making it racial and dividing America.

  2. She’s ignorant racist TRASH just like Bouncey Knowles, Sharpton, Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, Sheila Jerkson-Lee, and Cannot West.

  3. She states “white people” have to sacrifice ourselves and give up what we benefit from. Well, the only real thing that I and my family benefit from is getting up everyday at 5 a.m. and going to work 8+ hours a day, 40+ hours a week to make an honest paycheck. I’ll gladly share some of the work load. But remember, skilled labor is not cheap and cheap labor is not skilled. So best get to crackin if you want some real benefits, cause the only way your gonna get any is to get off your sorry, lazy backside and work for it.

  4. Black Folks get more than White Folks such as Welfare and other free stuff as well as special treatment and able to make racial remarks without getting into trouble and also MURDER MORE WHIT FOLKS THEN WHITE MURDER BLACKS BY FAR!!! SO I THINK BLACKS NEED TO DO THE SACRIFICING AND GIVE UP SOME WELFARE FOR THE ONES WHO ARE TRULY STARVING ON THE STREETS!!! PLUS MOST BLM ARE CRIMINALS AND MURDERERS. IN OREGON BLM STANDS OF BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT!

  5. She would like to live in a world where phrases like Black Lives Matter aren’t needed would she? Then perhaps she and all the other black activists, leaders of the black community, entertainers (primarily rapper)etc., and start looking at yourselves and the message that black culture sends its youth. How about instilling in its young men the idea of respecting its women instead of nocking them up and hauling ass leaving the woman to raise the child alone. How about the rap music not glorifying the thug life with songs about capping other black men, how about looking at yourselves for a change and taking responsibility for what you haven’t done to put the black community in so much of America in the position its in. How about that huh? Because frankly white America is fed up being blamed for crap we were not even alive to effect one way or the other, and the black men and women in this country who get up everyday have worked hard, are responsible for their own lives and well being like every other American are even more sick of it because people like you not only make it harder for them, you are an embarrassment to all self respecting black men and women. White America doesn’t need to give up anything to you and your ilk, its time you give up running your ignorant, racist mouth, get off your ass and be responsible for your own damn lot in life.

  6. Nothing but black trash that need to go find a job instead of depending on the good black and white people to take care of them. The only thing I will donate to them is the following. You are getting sane and educated people pissed off and you will not like the outcome.

  7. No doubt in my mind, people like her wouldn’t have anything if weren’t for white people.

  8. Kathlean Keesler // February 24, 2016 at 11:16 pm // Reply

    All lives matter, is this equal rights, Black Lives Matter or is all lives matter colored blind politics? Blame who for your centuries of pain & suffering? Income disparity, wealth, boasted by many blacks today/2016, beyond compare, may we address this/their banking “independence”? President Lincoln credited for Black Live’s Matter was a republican. JFK was not – caste that CIVIL RIGHTS vote!

  9. She can scream in my face all she wants, but I would simply tell her in no uncertain terms that I’m not giving up diddly shit to either her or any other Black Lives Matter assholes. She needs to get up off her fat, lazy ass and go earn a living like everyone else.

    I’ve got a better idea, Mr. Wells. If this stupid bitch thinks America is so racist towards blacks, then why not buy her a one-way plane ticket back to Africa instead of Cuba? I think then she’ll realize just how good she has it here in the USA.

  10. Michelle Welchman // February 24, 2016 at 11:32 pm // Reply

    She thinks she understands hatred and racisim. She thinks she alone knows what growing up in a world of hate really is. She might think so..from HER own perspective. Maybe she should try being a Jew and grow up in a society filled with Jew haters. Maybe she should grow up in a world filled with anti semitisim. I’ll bet this woman has no clue just what this means. I feel sorry for such folks her being so misguided. Maybe she should understand that people in the EU, America,Israel and elsewhere are being stabbed and attacked in the streets, assaulted, shot even just for being Jews. Its racism and more. Its almost worse than black racisim. Six million blacks did not die in the Holocaust for being black. Six to eight million Jews surely did…gassed and up in ashes. For what? For being Jews. What makes the hatred wose, to this very modern day, are many of the haters deny this ever happened. Even with all the insurrmountable evidence. Now its becoming criminal to deny it. Nowhere, nowhere in recorded history is there a genocide against African Americans or blacks. Still, the Jew hatred and anti Israel hatred continues and skyrockets in the EU. So much so, in the year 2016, the EU is looking like 1938 all over again. 700,000 Jews are escaping the as of now for their lives. Sound famiar. This woman, who thinks she has it so bad, she knows nothing. Let her try to experience this. She states whites have to sacrifice something. For her to be comfortable? What? What shoukd they sacrifice? Those so called white peoole who held her ancestors in slavery are long dead and gone. She really does not have a concept or a clue of what it means to sacrifice or on or about real hatred. My famy ancestors were not in this country during that time. They were in Ukraine and Russia battling anti semitisim and pogroms. Battling the Cossacks. Which is why my grandfather came in 1917 to America from Russia. He never asked for anything and never asked for handouts. He just wanted to work hard and earn enough money and bring his family over here. He was fired off an assembly line by Henry Ford in the 30’s, for being a Jew. Luckily, my grandfather did not act like this woman and blame the hate of the times on his short coming. He still managed. He got into the gas and oil business. He made enough money to get his family from that Ukrainian village here. Sadly, he never got to realize his dream of this. They were all deported..all 36 of them to Auschwitz and killed. The youngest was a ten to twelve year old boy and the oldest was 75. His whole village was gone: loved ones, rabbis, teachers, friends, everyone he knew back in the old country. That’s hatred at its purest. He still went on lived a good life and raised a good family. I’m not justifying what has happened to the African American people has been right. If they want truly want to understand white hatred, then they must look to the Jews and their horrific nightmarish experiences with hatred and persecution through their history. What other group of souls would know it better? I don’t know of any African Americans who have branded numbers on their arms. I know plenty of survivors who do and did. When I see them, that’s hatred. A reminder of hatred and racisim at its very finest. It still continues. Hateful people in the world, many of them want to still kill us. She should talk to these people who survived. She should talk to those who are fighting in Israel and elsewhere for their very lives and security. When she experiences a world of still fervent post war anti semitism, then she can tell me and others what she knows then about racisim and hatred. All lives matter. Not just hers. All Black lives. All white lives and all Jewish lives matter. All human life matters.

  11. Black lives do not matter. They have yet to show that they value them. If they don’t like the way the US is, then leave. Go see if blacks in African nations lives matter. I think you will find they do’t.

  12. Go back to Africa then and live in your grass huts, wear grass skirts, stretch you lips with plates. Hell, you wouldn’t even have been born if it weren’t for your ancestors selling your other ancestor!! Don’t blame the American whites!!!

  13. So entitled. So ignorant. White folks need to “give up something”??? I look at my and my wife’s honestly earned paycheck every month and our tax returns each year to see what we are giving up to support trash like her.

  14. Racial divide is being created by some blacks, most are good people. These radical people need to take responsibility for their own lives. Get a job and work your way up like everybody else. Work isn’t easy, work is work! You have to build a life!

  15. Marvin B. Cohen // February 25, 2016 at 12:27 am // Reply

    Any chance someone with common sense has the ability to sit down with this race-baiting hater of other human beings and explain that any short comings in her life are hers, exclusively? No body but herself succeeds or fails because of who she is? This is the sign of a complete failure in life! The first thing most failure-in-life losers do is find someone else to blame. “Let’s blame whitey!” is the usual excuse people like her love to spew out like cheap lip dribble. Don’t worry, there are as many whiteys out there blaming the black people for their failures, as well! It is just that the failing whitey’s do not scream very loud. And, whitey does not run out and burn their own neighborhood to the ground as they steal from their local same race neighbors. But, they blame the entire white race for their behavior. Who feels the most justification to aim and shoot firearms at law enforcement? Well, both Black Lives Matter and to a lessor degree, whitey. They are both shot by law enforcement with equal enthusiasm. Who shoots or murders more black people across America? Black live matter shoot and murder more black people in one week than all of whitey and law enforcement. But, this whitey loser tramp screams “blame whitey!” I bet a dollar against a hole in a doughnut that this hateful racist could not walk alone for one mile through any inner city street in Chicago, Detroit or Los Angeles and not be raped and murdered by another black lives matter person. But, her family of losers will scream, “Let’s blame whitey!” Get a job and your own life, Bitch! And, put the blame of personal failure where it belongs! YOU!!

  16. It is not quite clear what I have to give up what I benefit from that makes Black Life Matter. It is bad enough that I grew up being hated as a White Middle East Jew and still hated for that by the Black Muslims and White Muslims here in the USA. When they hear I am Israeli, that is when I am attacked and I have to defend myself with a taser gun or pepper spray because my life matters. I have been turned down from jobs because I am Israel. I have beeb denied promotions because I am an Israeli Jew while Muslims who dont have the same experience I have get promoted. This affirmative action has to end because that causes segragation.Jews in NYC Miami Chicago and other major cities are shot ,killed, attacked by blacks everyday. There are more blacks in jail because they committ the crimes. The root of the problem is the parents. They need to teach children responciblity not that anyone owes them. Then only will their individual lives matter.

  17. I woke up black, wah!

  18. TRUMP! cuz you need a job instead of shooting off your mouth, looking for handouts and living off all the “commie” whites. Hillary will not save you or your cause, it’s all you blacks that keep voting this crap in so deal with it.

  19. I think her attitude, as well as others within the group, brings to light how racist this organization is. Let them speak, the more they open their mouths… People will wake up and realize they are nothing but a black supremacy group.

  20. This is beyond ignorant. White people sacrificed hundreds of thousands of lives during the Civil War. How convenient that she forgets. We could argue that descendants of civil war casualties are “Entitled” payment for giving their lives to end slavery in the South.

  21. No group is looking out for black America Not the NAACP , Not the BET, Not the united negro college fund, No group out there is for helping and by helping black america of course we mean giving us something for free. Bunch of racists.

  22. Valid point … those who have been held down in the past deserve their just rewards. But why should the rest of us need to sacrifice what we have in order to make this happen? There MUST be a BETTER WAY of attaining this goal!

  23. John Q. Public // February 25, 2016 at 1:58 am // Reply

    Okay,,, So I want to know…
    How much will the blacks have to give up and give to the Inuits ( Native American Indians)??
    Considering they have done just as much damage to the Native peoples, I think before the BLM get one red cent,, They should be looking to make reparations to the RED MAN, since 100% of what they have came from land they happen to have stolen from them, and are now currently squatting on…
    I wont hold out hope ( or my breath) for a honest or intelligent answer to my question from the black leaders or community,,,
    Since if they DO answer,, it will most likely be nothing more than vitriol,vulgarity or just straight out open death threats that somebody called them out on a LEGITIMATE group than have a much harder time they they could ever conceive…
     Hussein Obama and Eric Holder, Black Lives Matter co-founder Marissa Johnson are pretty much nothing but “Walking Eagles”. It about time you stop playing your tired race,victim,segregation and discrimination cards and get on board with the rest of Americans who are trying to make this a great country instead of fueling the fires of dissension for something you didn’t go out and earn by legitimate means.

  24. who the hell does this black beatch think who she is . does she even hold a job since she asking for more handouts from the whites that are working. Find yourselves a fucking job and then shut the fuck up. why are the blacks the most racist folks in our country and always whining they are being mistreated. No sweat heart, black lives DO NOT matter. You don’t have to go far, just look in the ghetto’s of Chicago. Black lives don’t matter there at all because they are being taken out by other blacks. Black children being killed in the streets and guess by who????? other black thugs. You talk racist, wipe the mud and dirt and trash away from your front door. Try it and see really how good it feels to be accepted by society. I have lots of black friend, all working, and they are actually ashamed of people like you.


  26. When “poor” black people quit driving fancy cars which I can’t afford, quit wearing $150 Nike shoes (I’ve never paid more than $40for a pair of shoes in my life), quit talking on $400 iPhone (I buy all my cellphones used), while listening to Dr. Dre Beats $200 head phones (paid $20 for mine, THEN I’ll consider giving up my stuff.

  27. Hate is taught and things like this I am tired of! The only way it ends if we teach our child not to hate children are not born with hate they learn it.

  28. White folks aren’t giving up anything.

  29. Wonder what herlife would be like if the Muslim slave traders had not brought her acestors to the New World.

  30. Piss on that fat ass bitch. I got something I’ll give her. 240Gr of .45 in her big black fat ass along with the other BLM assholes.

  31. You want my stuff?

    Come take it.

    I’m willing to die to protect it.

    Are you willing to die to take it?

  32. I have no idea who you think you are. You are acting like you are superior and that you matter more than anyone else. You are wrong. For black people to get respect, they must be respectful of other people.

  33. What a bunch of racist bull crap! You want some of my stuff, come and get it. I’m waiting.

  34. I’m ready to give up something. 7.62 I’ve had enough of this crap.

  35. send her to africa, one of the worst civil war torn areas that are being ruled by a black despot. one where “necklacing” is practised. see what matters, then.

  36. I as a white person don’t owe any body anything . I don’t even know you

  37. I could be understanding of ,Black lives Matter, if the things she’s said about, “You have to give up something” did not sound exactly like what has come out of Obama’s mouth! They have been paid to start riots in Baltimore by Gorge Soros. Obama, has been meeting with them on a regular basis, festering more riots to come, just prior to the 2016 election,to serve his purpose to have martial law, so he can legally let them murder police and whites, just because he hates them, and he wants to be King, and have only Muslims in America! See: http//:www.theterribletruthbymarthatrowbridge

  38. barf.

  39. If black lives matter ,then why don’t the movement boycot protest Black abortions, 2010 83thousand + black babies wer Aborted in New York!!!!!! Now haul your sorry self over there and DoItnnnnn

  40. ALL Lives Matter.

  41. So whites are responsible for 97% of all black men whose lives was taken at the hands of someone else being killed by other blacks?

    Her and organizations like hers are responsible for 90% of the problems in the black community. We have had 5 generations of blacks who have been force fed the lies that anything that goes wrong in their lives is due to racism. Filling generation after generation with paranoia and hatred. Have seen the exact same group of [political leaders yell and scream about the police not doing anything to curb crime in the black community. Then turn around and yell racism when the police try to clean up those involved in the crime. BLM and the New Black Panthers are domestic terror organizations. Both have openly called for the killing of whites and police.

  42. All life’s matter you racist 1/2 white bitch

  43. Dave Chaffee // February 25, 2016 at 7:08 am // Reply

    The problem is their ignorance. If she is educated it was given to her as she wants everything else, she certainly didn’t learn anything.

  44. Who elected the unscrupulous politicians to destroy Detroit’s prosperity and civility? Likewise for other failed or failing cities? Read LIFE AT THE BOTTOM to learn about the cultural consequences of a parasitic existence.

  45. Come and take it

  46. STF up, What a DUMMY!!! This nonsense only started since OBAMA has been in office. If the gov’t only cared about its own people and help the poor communities instead of the world.

  47. Robert Johnson // February 25, 2016 at 9:45 am // Reply

    really? you think someone else is the cause of your problems? your the cause of your problems. we all grow up make mistakes and want to blame somebody else. your no differant than anybody. just a dumb whin ass. now you think i owe you? go to hell. i have worked every day of my life for the things i got. you want what i got you can have along with the gun you’ll have to pull from my cold dead hands. this may be a free country the rest you have to earn on your own.

  48. A big F.U. to this Afropoid bi*ch.

  49. Wow, she is the first white girl I’ve seen to be so passionate about black lives mattering. Golly, they are really starting to have an influence on people’s thinking. eh? I understand she was dropped on her head as a baby – but, hey, it’s a start!!!! I wonder if she ever met a real live black person? You go girl!!! Go. No, really, just keep on going. There is a dead end just waiting for you.

  50. If black lives matter why then are you not protesting in front of abortion clinics as black lives matter children are dying before their are born. Why aren’t you protesting and doing something to change the way young black kids are oppressed by black on black crime.

  51. This Biotch is making me angrier with these people and I am thinking their lives matter less and less. If you are this stupid you are ignored period. I respect Blacks and other people who respect themselves and are good people.. This BLM crap makes me despise them.. I have Black friends that feel the same way. They are a group of blacks that think the world owes them something. WELL we have been feeding, housing and supporting them for over 300 yrs.. It is time they get a job and take care of themselves. After Obama is gone things will change in this country and they will not get away with their crap.. Can’t wait.. No one to pay them to riot and steal from business owners..Such trash..

  52. It is the blacks that commit 90% of the crimes. So yes they are the ones that get arrested the most and the most in the prisons.. The day you stop breaking the laws you will not have any problems with the Law. When you get off your azz and go to work and have some ambition and stop thinking you are owed you will not be such a miserable person.. I think you have been spoiled and are a trouble maker.. Go to work like the rest of the nation of people and earn a living for your self.. WE DO. We never owned no slaves and you never were one so shut up and go to work. If you want something earn it. we do! Sick of your race of people living off the tax payer. Gives you to much time to commit crime and wear you pants down around your ankles. Get a job and be a responsible citizen in this country and stop expecting everything to be handed to you on a silver platter.. The days of slavery are over and we ain’t your slave. Get a job and get a life. Change your attitude and life might be better for you.. Your problem is not ours..

  53. If the kkk got up there and rushed in on Bernie they would be arrested. Why do those fuckers seem to get away with everything? Fuck you bitch if you think I’m giving anything to your self righteous ass. Go gloat to Africa.

  54. Corporalcauliflower // February 25, 2016 at 2:15 pm // Reply

    I am from Canada and I know we don’t have the same dynamics here in Canada , but as a white male , 60 years old , I can’t say I’ve lived a life of privilege . I’ve worked hard most of my life for not much pay , and I haven’t had anything given to me .To me the people who do well in life are not lazy . They worked hard in school or on the job . Very few people have it handed to themselves black or white . However I have never come across a situation in my life where I was witness to a person who was not white and who was denied their due when they deserved it . All the Black people I know who are successful are no different than any of us . They have a good work ethic , are charming and personable , and they have morals and standards .I think some Blacks are not willing to accept the reality and responsibility that this is a problem they have to address in their own communities as well . There is no privilege for the middle class , black or white , or any color or race .

  55. I will gladly fill your diet with copper and lead if you want to come and take my belongings away I worked for my whole life. Get off your fucking lazy black asses and WORK for what you want in life. The world owes you shit.

  56. Jose' E. Martinez // February 26, 2016 at 3:56 am // Reply

    Very well stated, Kathleen…HOWEVER, you did not mention a few other very important historical and current facts: 1. Africans (Blacks) profitted from the kidnapping and sales of OTHER Africans into slavery. 2. The “Buffalo Soldiers” killed American Indigenous People! But you will NOT see that in any politically correct paintings of that period, especially if such historical art depictions were done by a Black artist. Only the White U.S. Cavalry soldiers are seen depicted in deadly combat with the American Indigenous People. Black U.S. Cavalry soldiers took part in that historical HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION AND MASSACRE! WHAT STUFF DO BLACK FOLKS PLAN TO GIVE UP, SACRIFICE FOR AMERICAN INDIANS WHOSE ANCESTORS WERE KILLED BY THE BLACK “BUFFALO SOLDIERS?” AFTER ALL, THE AMERICAN INDIANS WERE HERE BEFORE ANY OF OUR WHITE OR BLACK ANCESTORS?! 3. Slaves, in the United States, unlike in other countries, Cuba for example, surrendered their African religious beliefs to that of their White slave masters…AND TODAY’S AMERICAN BLACK DESCENDANTS OF OF THOSE AFRICAN SLAVES STILL PRACTICE WHITE-AMERICAN RELIGIONS, IN BLACK CHURCHES IN THE AMERICAN DEEP SOUTH OF SLAVERY, AS WELL AS ALL OVER THE REST OF THE UNITED STATES! African slaves in Cuba founded and practiced the African-Caribbean religion known as Santeria…now a U.S. Supreme Court legally certified American religion here in the United States…THEY REMAINED FAITHFUL TO THEIR AFRICAN GODS, USING CATHOLIC SAINTS PURELY AS A FACADE FOR THEIR AFRICAN GODS…while other Blacks turned to Voodo! .CHRISTIANITY WAS NEVER AN AFRICAN RELIGION! It was forced on Slaves and Indigenous People in the Americas by WHITE EUROPEAN CHRISTIANS…ROMAN CATHOLICS (Spaniards) and PROTESTANTS and OTHERS FROM ELSEWHERE IN EUROPE. But no one is forcing any White religions on any Blacks today, So, that does beg the question, why do most Blacks in the United States still practice AMERICAN WHITE CHRISTIANITY FROM THE SLAVE MASTERS OF THEIR SLAVE ANCESTORS? 4, Many WHITE JEWISH ATTORNEYS FOUGHT MANY OF THE LEGAL BATTLES DURING THE AMERICAN CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT…WHAT STUFF DO BLACK FOLKS HAVE TO GIVE AND SACRIFICE FOR THEM? 5. Do BLACK COPS not commit brutality and murders under collor of law just like WHITE COPS DO? Do BLACK cops not join in with their own style of BLACK ON BLACK CRIME? I have persoally had my CIVIL RIGHTS and LIBERTIES VIOLATED BY BOTH BLACK, AS WELL AS WHITE COPS…MORE THAN ONCE! And I am considered a “minority” person of color, too…BROWN HISPANIC! Black cops are just as courrupt, unprofessional, criminal domestic enemies and terrorists as White cops…and the same goes for Black jailers and corrections officers! DO BLACK LAW ENFORCEMENT AND CORRECTIONS PERSONNEL TREAT WHITES AND NON-BLACK MINORITIES THE SAME AS THEY TREAT BLACKS? 6. Are American Black politicians less likely to be CORRUPT CRIMINALS IN THEIR ELECTED, APPOINTED OR HIRED PUBLIC OFFICES AT ALL LEVELS OF AMERICAN GOVERNMENT (Federal, State, County, Municipal) THAN WHITE, INDIGENOUS, HISPANIC, ASIAN, ETC., POLITICIANS AND OTHER GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS?

  57. Not today, though.

    Work for it like we did.

  58. I live in supposedly the “most racist” country of the world – South Africa. We have affirmative action. For those of you who might not know its where “all whites” not just the privileded are forced to put aside their aspirations of getting a college education and actually looking for a job they might want to do and building a career for themselves and looking after their families. It is the only country in the world where the majority (ie blacks) have affirmative action to protect them from the injustice of the whites. Its got the second highest crime figures in the world (they would like to blame this on the whites but maths dont lie). All the whites that can are leaving for other countries. The ones that cant get out must live with the accusation that we are to blame for everything even decades after they came into power. Its easy to blame others but there is no personal growth that comes from that. I propose this lady comes to live in South Africa. I would gladly trade her my South African passport for her Green Card. Here she can be assured she will get a job she doesnt deserve for doing work she has no intention of doing. Seems like we are not the only ones with this problem. Good to know

  59. I’ll give up some rounds. All kinds to 9mm 45. 5.56 7.62 30-06 just name which one u want bitch. I’ll send them right over

  60. Taleeb Starkes, a black author, wrote a very interesting book, “The Uncivil War,” about the several subsets within the black community and identifies the parts they play in their communities–from the enablers to the group that goes out and does all the hard work required to succeed in life. A very informative book, but you’d need a book cover to read it on the bus. (See it on Google.) An excellent book by a Jewish author I read last year, “Borderlands,” covered the relationship of and the agreements between Germany and Russia on how to carve up the countries between them between WW I and WW II. They cooperated sometimes and sabotaged each other at other times, and dispossessed millions of people and killed many millions of other people–sometimes entire villages at a time. There is amazing information in this book about many of the important happenings of the 20th century. I began working at age 11, am still working at age 75, and have been “working poor” all my life while taking care of family obligations. During my lifetime, U.S. taxpayers have subsidized the poor in our country with billions of dollars in welfare subsidies since WW II. I don’t owe anyone a single dime and especially not someone who does better financially than I do. I don’t subscribe to the dollar figures typically given as “average white income” either. That figure incorporates the income of all of the billionaires and multi-millionaires in the country and makes people think that all white people are rolling in clover or swimming in gravy. Most of us are simply working hard, and don’t belong to a protected class as far as employment is concerned. There is nothing visible about my life that anyone could see and envy or want to steal, but I have an amazingly rich intellectual life that is priceless to me. I have spent my entire adult life reading history, military history, biographies, political science, and public affairs–the things that really matter in understanding the ebb and flow of history. I have spent available money on books and not on hair extensions or manicures or common entertainment. Whatever empathy or sympathy I once had for the black community has long vanished.

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