UN Warns Trump – US Can Be Replaced, Cough Up The Cash

Warnings to the United States are being issued by the globalist leech in charge at the UN, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. On Tuesday, the open borders communist operative cautioned President Trump that we could be replaced. We should be so fortunate and ought to, in fact, work to help guarantee that happens. There must be plenty of countries around the world ready to take on the “developing nations” as national dependents, though they may have to “sweeten the deal” with a little slave labor or territory, something that isn’t presently required.

Guterres told reporters at his first press conference since taking over the UN on January 1st, that the new funding levels proposed by the United States would be disastrous and create, “an unsolvable problem to the management of the U.N.” Can it be possible there is a problem that the globalists can’t solve? How obvious has it become that their “problem solving” is based solely upon the model of throwing American money at a problem? If the cash flow is restricted they can’t function.

Guterres, who was previously in charge of the UN’s global human trafficking operations as United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, boasts of his willingness to engage in confrontations with the America-first President. He brags about his vocal opposition to America’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Welfare scam as if opposing what ultimately took place is in itself some sort of victory. It’s called losing, Antonio. Grasping at face-saving straws, he said the Democrats’ empty promises to act in place of the federal government are “a signal of hope that we very much encourage.” That “signal of hope” and ten bucks will get you a cup of water with free Wi-Fi at Starbucks, Guterres.

He went on to state the obvious, part of his UN duties, voicing concern over a confrontation between the US and Russia over Syria and the U.S. downing of a Syrian jet, urging a de-escalation of hostilities. Guterres said, “These kind of incidents can be very dangerous in a conflict situation in which there are so many actors, and in which the situation is so complex on the ground.”

Maybe he should drop a hint to his globalist masters and comrades that the constant carping of Russia, Russia, Russia by Democrats and their media henchmen targeting Presidents Trump and Putin isn’t helping matters. Our nations wanted to normalize relations but Democrats and John McCain wouldn’t allow it.

Promoting the globalist agenda as he was positioned to do, the former UN High Commissioner for Refugees for 10 years chose the secret holiday of World Refugee Day for the press conference. It’s intended purpose is quite transparent as he urged all nations to open their doors to unvetted foreigners who “deserve protection. The NWO globalist ignores the fact that the borders are a country’s protection from those very people, something more and more nations recognize as the refugees continue their attacks on civil society, including terrorism.

Guterres singled out the US and our America-first President for criticism saying we are “by far the largest resettlement country in the world” with a “very generous and positive policy.” Thanks for pointing that out, Guterres. It’s a mistake we’re working to correct. President Trump intends to cut the flow and already reflects a meager 25 percent reduction in funds for terrorist importation. It’s hard to destroy America with a cohesive society so Guterres recommends we “come back to the levels of resettlement that we witnessed until two or three years ago.” He announced plans to come to DC, to meet with Congress to attempt to persuade them to keep the cash and people flowing.

Sure, please, go around our President, Guterres. That should do wonders for your working relationship. Would you dare to attempt to do that with Russia or China? Didn’t think so.


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36 Comments on UN Warns Trump – US Can Be Replaced, Cough Up The Cash

  1. PJan InTexas // March 29, 2018 at 2:47 am // Reply

    Richard D. Wyatt, I like that idea very much! Also, use the money we keep pouring down this rat hole for our vets.

  2. If the UN isn’t put out of this country we will all end up in prison camps just like the Jews in WWII. Especially if you are Conservative or Christian. It is coming

  3. I think you’re absolutely right. For me this has long gone beyond speculation. The dictators, communists, tyrants, and zealots currently in charge of the UN have decided it is best that they are the ones who rule the world and thus dream of a global government that commands and controls ALL.

    One of the stipulations with the UN global warming policy is that the UN would be able to send troops to locations of issue to mandate compliance, etc., and obviously it will be totally ridiculous for the USA to pay them money so they can enjoy the privilege. Most Americans even these days won’t go for that. Sad that resistance amongst us is not unanimous.

  4. I find it very curious, that Islamist’s who supposedly hate everything to do with western society, and who also know that the UN is mostly controlled by westerners, how is it that radical Islam does not attack anything to do with the UN? Hmmmm. Knowing what we do know about the UN, it would not surprise me at all to find out that the UN is the real puppet master behind all the Islamic terrorist attacks around the globe, and particularly in the USA on 911.

  5. The UN is useles except t drain money from the US to our enemies

  6. UN HQ is in Vienna and the one in the USA needs to be closed and all UN officials kicked from USA soil, plus, all funding to the worthless organization of Commies and Muslims needs to be cut and the USA break relations with that corrupt organization of Globalist Buttwipes.

  7. randy sanders // June 23, 2017 at 5:25 am // Reply

    move The UN to Brussels, Belgium. Then The Terrorists can do 2 for 1 during Their Lunch hours. make it more accessible on The European homeland.

  8. The UN’s manufactured “refugee” issue also comes with an additional catch. The UN may place UN troops wherever those “refugees” are. Time to wake up to the fact through them we help fund our own demise.

    • Caryn, that is one helluva point. I had forgotten all about that. Thank you for posting.

      The swamp is wider and deeper than most of us knew.

  9. Here is something to write about: every country that us accepting military she Syrian refugees: create Syrian only divisions. Train them and let them fight for THEIR country to beat ISIS. Why do we, and that includes Russia, have to fight fir these ungrateful a-holes who just cause trouble in their history nations? Put them to good use…..

  10. michael anthony // June 22, 2017 at 11:56 pm // Reply

    The UN , just like the liberals and the Clintons are finally exposed for the false fraudulent organizations that they are. They are so full of their own self importance that they openly show their hands . Their true colors are flying. Trump has caused so many of them to expose themselves because he doesnt just follow the standard MO. There is hope yet against the elite scum of the world. UN..take a hike.

  11. The UN can suck eggs…..or even better….bacon! What a toothless, ineffectual beaurocratic waste of time. Parasite on the American Taxpayer is right!
    Go ahead! Replace the USA!

  12. Larry/vietnamvet1971 // June 22, 2017 at 10:28 pm // Reply

    LESS funding for that bunch of UN Swamp creatures sounds Right to me….let them find another source to fund their Crap or go home…who needs the UN.

  13. The more I hear about the U.N. the more I am wondering why we are still dancing around pulling out of the U.N. Get it over with, as far as pulling out of the U.N., and change the American immigration intake back to 250,000 per year. Any numbers exceeding 250,000 per year, over the past 8 years, will not be eligible for U.S. citizenship for 20 years after their coming to America. What DOES the U.N. do anymore? They have done nothing significant in nearly 15 years that I can remember.

  14. Thanks. Of course I agree.

  15. Hey, we’ve paid more than our share too long. Kiss off.

  16. Let’s charge the United Nations for the use of United States land. Or the UN can just move somewhere else.

  17. ZAMBONI DRIVER // June 22, 2017 at 9:48 am // Reply

    Tell the UN to take a long walk off a short pier.

  18. Deplorable Doctor // June 22, 2017 at 9:25 am // Reply

    I voted for America First!

  19. Proof-positive that the UN is more of a weak, failure-prone, and fragile useless organization than may have been initially suspected. They are really worried about losing USA funding and now they are getting desperate by issuing these threats. Reminds me of the first radical regime we had to deal with in Iran back in the late 70(s). I say to hell with the UN and let them get their funds somewhere else. We can keep our money as it’s long been apparent that our economic misery is directly attributable to us being the big purse and charity nation of the world. Let the countries that need and benefit from the dictators running the UN to pay in to their big corrupt organization instead of the USA mostly funding it all.

  20. Thanks for your great article Rick Wells.

  21. Get the US out of the UN and get the UN out of the US! We’ve paid enough to these despots with nothing in return!
    Move the UN to Yemen and turn the existion UN buildings into disabled veterans housing!
    There is no reason to finance the globalist political agenda!

  22. The UN has not been doing its publically stated purpose for decades. It it time to end the US’s participation in the UN and have it leave the US. Maybe it can move to Syria, Egypt or Saudi Arabia. Then the can learn what Islam is really like and what the “Left” has created.

  23. Someday I’ll explain how the UN collaborated with the Clinton Foundation to siphon off hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars that had supposedly been destined for the survivors in Haiti. The corruption overflowith. If the UN were a person, we would kill it.

  24. Thomas Oakley // June 22, 2017 at 6:36 am // Reply

    There was hope when the un came into being but over the years it has just turned into another hotbed of politicians that just line their pockets. They are so lopsided against Israel it would be funny if it was not so serious. Yep we cut funds but not to the magic number of 0, which is where it should be, in fact they should move out of our country and trump should get any un observes/troops out of our country asap. Now the un is on par with the swamp (DC), both should be drained, cleaned up, and then filled it. It would make the world a much better place.

  25. “We should be so fortunate and ought to, in fact, work to help guarantee that happens.” ?What do you mean by this???

  26. We are told to pray for the leaders of the world. I pray that every leader running the demonic UN be disappeared off the face of the earth.

  27. Tell him nicely to shut up and all employees of the UN have 48 hours to vacate before the building is razed and the property is sold to pay down the debt of the US or buy abunch of Cruise missles or Navy Ships

    • Richard D. Wyatt // June 28, 2017 at 6:19 am // Reply

      Perhaps the Trump organization could make a deal with the U.S. government to take over the property and convert it to free housing for homeless Vets and their families!

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